No, it’s not grammar

Of all the tips and tricks people give about writing, there’s only one that really counts.

You must care deeply for what you write about.

If you do, people will read what you write. They will find it, share it with their friends, clap or like it, and it will change their lives.

If you don’t care — then nobody else will either.

It is only when you open your veins and bleed onto the page a little that you establish contact with your reader. If you do not believe in the characters or the story you are doing at that moment with all your mind, strength, and will, if you don’t feel joy and excitement while writing it, then you’re wasting good white paper, even if it sells, because there are other ways in which a writer can bring in the rent money besides writing bad or phony stories. Paul Gallico

You need to know what you care about. You need strong enough convictions that when someone is speaking of the topic you love, your first reaction is “Hey, wait a minute, that’s not right.” Or ever better, “Hey, I know exactly what you mean and here’s what I think.” Or best of all, “That’s exactly right. I wrote a piece on that; let me send you the link.”

The most interesting thing of all though, is that we all know in our hearts what we care about enough to spend our days and nights tapping away at the keyboard for.

Even if you’re not 100 percent sure right in this moment, you will figure it out. You’ll know it for certain when that day comes and you haven’t slept a wink, its 3 in the morning, you’ve got to be at work in 4 hours, your eyeballs are sweating drops of caffeine from all the coffee you’ve had and you’re still trying to get those last few words out of your head and into your writing.

On that day, when you’re willing to do those things, you’ve found your very own most important thing about writing.

Enjoy it.

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