There NO such thing as a writing block, notice, I say writing block, NOT A WRITER’S BLOCK.

If the word writer associated with someone who writes it defeats the purpose of being a writer.

You never heard of driver’s block, some who gets in the car and don’t drive!

Either you want to drive or not,

Either write or not

What happens is many people who want to to write they either don’t know their subject, or full of shit that they don’t want to admit it

If you apply yourself to write something it will make thing happen

Apply your fingers to a keyboard, voice or even copy and paste a text.

Most people talk, if you ask someone about themselves they tend to know how to articulate anything with a simple language even without using a word, but when it comes to writing, the pretense to be perfect kicks in, preventing the “writer”

From writing

But no the talker from talking.

Challenge yourself to put your hands on the keyboard and create.

Write for no one

Write for the waste bin, write as if your writing goes directly to the trash and you will see the magic happens.

The world is full of text already, but if you want to call yourself a writer

Make writing part of your daily routine.

It’s a habit, most prolific authors tend to write abd read a lot, it is an accumulative effort.

At the end…

You don’t know life where going to take your work and who’s going to read it.

Keep writing

Thanks for reading

Good luck

Qusay writes about life lessons, motivation, and empowermerment.
Qusay writes about life lessons, motivation, and empowermerment.
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