How to Create a Blog.

This is one of the most popular Blog post titles on the Internet.

It is one that has been written by almost every successful blogger. A way of teaching aspiring bloggers the right way to go about building a blog.

This topic is a basic requirement for anyone who is serious about Blogging. 

It does not matter the platform that you are building on, you have to know the tenets of the art.

Big thanks to Tom Kuegler for putting together an awesome course on Medium Mastery.

However, despite the availability of such posts and guides, there are still a lot of people who have failed in the quest to build a blog.

On Medium alone, you will find a lot of dead blogs that have been long abandoned and obviously forgotten by the owners.

Blogging is a lot like riding a bicycle, if you focus on the wheels instead of the road ahead, you will soon find yourself veering off course and if you continue, you will crash by the roadside.

Choosing on focusing on the path ahead instead will bring your closer and closer to your destination with time.

Blogging involves paying attention to principles instead of just methods.

One of the principles of blogging on Medium, for instance, is the principle of Compounding results. You won’t get a thousand views with your first article, but as long as you are consistent, you will get there with time.

As a new blogger on Medium, seeking different methods that would get you there much sooner would get you frustrated.

I once saw someone on Medium complain about Racism on this Platform, he complained that this platform does not recognize Black Talent.

I knew that what he was saying was false because I know respected and talented Black Medium Bloggers like Thomas Oppong and Ayodeji Awosika. ‘

The Noteworthy Publication also Introduced me to greats like Baratunde Thurston and Ezinne Ukoha.

I decided to check the blog of the complainer and see what the issue might have been then lo and behold he had only three published posts on his blog.

He had decided that Medium has Racist tendencies after publishing just three posts.

He is someone who has obviously focused on just Methods and failed to pay heed to principles.

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What’s the Difference?

Simon Sinek book “ Start With Why” is one of the best books that I have come across in recent times. His Ted Talk on the Topic is the third most-watched Ted Talk of all time.

People don’t connect to you based on what you do, they do connect based on why you do it.

Someone who knows why he is blogging won’t quit due to flimsy excuses.

Your blog should be something that Inspires you because you know that even if things aren’t rosy now, with time people will start to pay attention to your message.

Principles answer the question “why” while methods answer the questions “how” and “what”.

The fact that a particular blogger achieved success by applying a particular tactics does not mean you should jump headlong into it.

 You have to know the “why”. The reason why that tactic was chosen and applied.

Principles are universal, but you have to create your own methods based on your current position and even platform.

What worked for someone with an Audience of 1000 or 10,000 will not necessarily work for you that is still trying to build from scratch.

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The Real Problem

The major reason why people who started a blog and failed is not the unfairness of the system or any other reason that they may give.

The reason is the desire for Instant Gratification.

When someone chooses to place their sole focus on earnings instead of making Impact first, the tendency to quit is higher.

Blogging is not a Lottery where a few lucky people emerged victorious after a few rolls. 

The people who make all the big bucks from blogging are those who have put in great work overtime to provide value.

Rome was not built in a day, your blog can’t be built to great heights after laying a few blocks.

There is no silver bullet or magic method to winning with blogging, you have to put in the work to get something in return.

It takes work, work and more work.

Blogging should be treated as a journey with a car and not a rocket ship.

With that said, if you are still starting in your blogging journey or you are yet to get to a certain level that you desire, know that methods won’t help you accelerate the process.

You have to pay attention to the Principles because they are what powers the methods.

Your methods only work if you do.

I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
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