Let your optimism allow you to overcome your fears.

A couple of days ago one of my co-workers told me she thought I was “Superman.”

I asked her why she thought I was some sort of superhero. She told me it was because she has never seen me be angry or upset about anything.

She has never seen me have a “bad day”.

It made me think about how I try to project myself every single day. I do my best to stay optimistic and enrich the lives of everyone I come in to contact with.

Does my constant optimism make me Superman?

Why do only Superheros get to be optimistic?

Are the majority of us pessimistic and miserable?

Why do we have a negative mentality?

What is the problem?

In such a fast-paced world it is hard not to get burned out and stretched too thin. Often times we forget that we are human when we are constantly expected to operate like a machine.

I understand.

I am no Superhero.

Do Whatever Is Best For You

Often times in life you will be forced to go to extreme lengths to make your dreams happen.

And sometimes you will hit a rough patch. You will be fatigued and weary. Sometimes you will have a bad day. More often than not, I do not allow others to see how terrible I actually feel.

That does not mean that you have to do the same. You can be honest with yourself and with others. If you do not feel like putting on a brave face, I’m here to tell you that it is OK.

You should never feel obligated to act a certain way because you are worried about how it might make other people feel.

Do whatever is best for you.

Do whatever will get you back to a positive mindset as long as you are not hurting others.

For me, no matter how bad of a day I am having, I can write an article or do a quick workout at the gym and I will immediately be able to turn my mood around afterward.

Every now and then even I can not help but show my frustration when I have had numerous setbacks.

We all have bad days.

It’s ok.

I am no Superhero.

Optimism Is Contagious

I have experienced for myself that optimism is indeed contagious. When you remain positive and expect good things to happen, others around you will usually do the same.

It is one of the reasons why my friends and co-workers expect me to raise the energy of the room and elevate others.

At the same time, negativity can be contagious too. Negative people seem to have a way of dragging down others around them.

For me, it is a constant battle between good vs evil. I do my best to spread good thoughts and good energy but even I am not indestructible.

I am no Superman.

I am just a man trying to do better and make this world a better place.

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Your Turn

What are your thoughts on the power of optimism?

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