I find it quite interesting

when a person is caught

in the act of a bad thing.

Just something another is doing, or saying,

they attack or blame you,

and get mad at you about it.

They switch around on you.

Such an interesting phenomenon,

don’t you think?

How can this be expressed in ink?

And I also find it interesting when

you tell someone something in

confidence and they turn it against you

and blab it to the world.

What is that?

I call it unhappiness, or

emotional disconnection.

The world and their life has made them so hard

they sing like a bard announcing the daily news.

I feel so sorry for them.

Everyone, apparently, is their enemy and

they are on defense at all times.

What happened to their integrity?

What happened to hope?

What happened to respect and understanding?

What happened to love?

Do these really have to be taught?

Do some people not know instinctively what is right from wrong?

You can usually feel it in your body.

You can feel the twinge and echo,

when something is wrong.

Don’t tell me they can’t!

If they have hardened themselves that much,

go on with their rant!

I won’t listen or trust them anymore!

Rant and rage forever,

and their endeavor will not affect me,


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