1000 words a day! That was the goal I had in mind when I decided to start writing a lot more.

The first part of that writing is often full of gibberish and rubbish. The fog is quite evident as I can barely put together a coherent thought.

But as I persisted on, the thoughts started to string together and the fog cleared off gradually.

Things started making a lot more sense.

But besides the writing improvement (which inadvertently happened), I also underwent a noticeable improvement in self.

Something changed inside me, mutated me for good.

And This is what happened to me.

I Became a Grammar Nazi

Grammar becomes my new language of communication. I start delving seriously into the intricacies of verbs, adjectives and pronouns and their expected usage.

 Every piece of writing that is “killing” the rules of grammar starts troubling me till no end. My greatest joy became either writing or reading, a piece of well-written work, having astounding grammar to boast about.

I Finally Cracked the “Semicolon” Puzzle

The biggest issue in online reading is readability. This means that not only you need to write a great blog, but you also need to ensure that it is highly readable. Online readers have short “retaining” times and they hate reading long paragraphs.

This means that you need to master the science behind commas, colons, and semicolons. Every story has to be suitably divided and subdivided into “small readable bits” which can easily be digested by the reader.

Remember writing is food for the soul, but for that food to be made “fit” for public consumption, you need to do a lot more, than just writing a great story.

Meaningless Chit-chat Irritates me Now

Conversations in the real world, are mostly filled with banal chit-chat, peppered with rare “nuggets of wisdom”, far and few in between.

 In addition to all this, useless words like “um”,’ah”, huh” or “err” completely distort the information and give it a completely different twist altogether. I started hating all such kind of conversations.

Any conversation should either give value or take value. If a conversation is just “copying” or “spicing” up some words of wisdom which are already known, I don’t want to be part of the deal.

Astonish me with something new, twist my mind into a different direction and enthrall my senses with exoticism, and I am with you!

I Started Reading Left, Right, and Center

Books became an integral part of my family now. I now realize that the prerequisite of writing a great article is knowledge and knowledge can only be acquired by reading. In the last 12 months or so, I would have at least read 2–3 books per week on multiple subjects.

Reading has multiple benefits. Some of them can be -:

· They offer you great company while traveling

· You gain from someone else’s knowledge and experiences

· Your imaginative power grows in leaps and bounds

· It slows down your heart rate and relieves stress

· Above all, it helps you to understand different writers and their writing styles

I became my Harshest Critic

I don’t need any critic now to review MY work. I am more than enough for MYSELF!

Whenever I see my earlier posts, I am consumed by remorse, seeing the pathetic wordplay constructed by me. No wonder, no one used to read them!!.

I see so many flaws in them, so many wasted sentences and so many better ways, I could have conveyed the same meaning.

 Writing gave me that “third eye” to review my own work without any bias or emotion.

I look for Ideas Everywhere and with Everyone

The entire world becomes my playground and its myriad people, my actors!!

I look for ideas in every situation and in everyone. I get ideas while commuting. I get ideas while playing and I also look for ideas from my toddler. I get inspired by my barber, my charwoman and also from my janitor, living down the road.

The “antenna” within my mind is always on a high alert, catching, filtering, consolidating and finally fashioning the idea into a worthwhile story.

Writer’s block is a joke for me, as I see the supply of ideas, far exceeding the demand.

Bringing it all Together

So It seems that Writing is one of those rare skills, that really changes the way you think. It not only helps you, to understand the world in a new light but also makes marked changes in your personality.

 You excel yourself every day, every instant and this cycle of cumulative improvement makes you a deadly force to reckon with, in this dog-eat-dog world.

So if you are motivated by this post, don’t wait any more. Start writing now!!

Pick up the pen and get that creative juices Flowing!

Technology manager, poet, archaeology enthusiast, history maniac and also an avid blogger. I look at each day as a new flower waiting to unleash its magic. Visit Ravi on Medium.
Technology manager, poet, archaeology enthusiast, history maniac and also an avid blogger. I look at each day as a new flower waiting to unleash its magic. Visit Ravi on Medium.
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