She sits on the precipice of insanity,
Her heart constricts with pain,
The judgments, the eyes …
Constantly enveloping her.

She holds onto the edge,
Wondering the worth of her actions.
The relentless strive for achievement,
An unknown goal, out of sight.

Her fingers shake as she teeters,
Fear grows within her as a balloon.
Will she be pronounced insane ?
The defiance of the norm.

Her heart rushes to pacify her mind,
A single light, wavering
Darkness rushing at it.
So much screaming to get without.

She lets go, slowly first but surely soon
A volley of tears and sounds,
Each letter an echo of her insides.
She leaves behind the world she knows,
For the imaginary world of WORDS.

Where she is the creator,
She : the judge, the jury, the survivor …
Where she stands by herself,
And everything stands within her,
Because of Her.

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