A true story from a girl who used to hate working out

After many many conversations and persuasions from my friend to get me to join a gym and get fit, I decided to prove him wrong. I’m someone who loathed exercising and seeing so many complications using gym equipment only pushed me further away from ever signing up for one.

But I did know how important it was to stay fit and healthy.

I love going trekking, travelling to places and being outdoors and active. For that, I needed stamina which seemed to have abandoned me since late.

I had to fix the dent before it completely broke.

I tried various activities like walking long distances, jump rope, swimming and badminton but I always got bored after a while.

This time I had to see it through. Besides, my body shape was going out of control and I badly wanted to be able to fit into one of the favorite dresses without my stomach bulging out.

I guess that became a motivation for me. That and the yoga mat I had purchased last year which I never used and was lying in a corner in my room. 😏

So I made up my mind to find some exercises I could do at home daily within a short time frame and set a goal to lose weight by a certain amount.

‘Lose Weight in 30 days’ was the perfect app for me!

It was a do-able goal and the exercises weren’t too tough. It kept track of my BMI (Body Mass Index) and how much calories I was burning during each session.

Taking that small step each day and committing to my goal was crucial.

At first, it was exciting and I was happy that my yoga mat came in handy for most exercises. Some days I would feel lazy to wake up early morning to exercise. Some days I was too tired to go through it after coming back from work.

But I didn’t give up. I pushed myself whenever I felt de-motivated and tried varying the times I would exercise. If I didn’t exercise in the morning I would make sure I did in the evening. I kept going forward because I didn’t want to be called ‘a quitter’.

Besides I had to lose weight and get back in shape to prove that I didn’t have to go to a gym!

Suddenly I was so interested in exercising that I looked forward to each day to working out. I started feeling good after seeing my baby-step results from the App and the mirror 😉

Sadly two weeks into the challenge I fell sick with the Flu and had no strength to exercise for about a month.

Surprisingly I actually missed my daily workout sessions! And now I look forward to starting it again.

I won’t stop now.

I will complete the challenge and reach my goal and be fit for my next hike in September! 😊

What about you? Are you someone who loathes any sort of physical activity or just uninspired to work out?

Don’t be! Because being fit and healthy is vital for a good life. Only eating the right food doesn’t help much so some sort of quality physical activity is needed.

Find the type of workout that suits you and your lifestyle and have the willpower to stick to it.

Trust me you won’t regret it.

I’m a writer hoping to inspire at least one person with my writing. Visit Roshane on Medium.
I’m a writer hoping to inspire at least one person with my writing. Visit Roshane on Medium.
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