but, why do we Hate ourselves?

Having a heartbreaking experience can cause a fortune. It takes months to notice even slight recovery.

I observed from my experiences that when I’m in the healing mode, I feel extreme cynical tragedies. Something passes out of control, the brain creates mythological connections of future ends and feels intense outrage.

I know how healing works but most people break and crumble the process and transmit scars. They don’t come out carefully from the pain, and that’s why they don’t enjoy its advantages.

If you come out cautiously from the negative disaster, you’ll get amazing privileges from your brain.

In this article, specifically, I’m talking about one behavior. And, if you reduce it, you can harmlessly come out from distress.

Most people have a terrible relationship with their self. They don’t sit alone. They need a smartphone or person because they’re scared to talk to their own self. It happens if you’re continuously cursing yourself. When you give self-hurting suggestions over a long period, you develop a self-harming relationship.

Anyway, once you understand that your behavior with your self is toxic, then learn to stop it. As fast as you learn right mindsets, you’ll save yourself from hardships.

Why Do We Hate Ourselves?

First, you should distinguish clearly why are you hating yourself even if you know you’re your best friends?

It’s because we think that negativity is wrong. If you interpret the situation as positive or negative, you’ll likely to love or hate the situation.

And I’m not saying that your situation is healthy or it’s not strong. My intention is to believe you that you’re enough to deal with the situation.

Whatever you feel is not evil at least. Means, it can happen with others too. And it’s part of the healing process. It balances your personality for long term stability.

My point is, whatever is occurring with you, and whatever you’re holding. You’re okay.

Everything you’re holding or carrying through is helping you to build a better self. I’m not saying that negativity is celebrated. But the goal of healing is to build a better relationship with yourself. Most people rebel too much and ditch themselves.

Let’s learn it deeply.

Confusion Leads To Clarity.

See, in every suffering, one state is complicated. You don’t have certain answers, and anyhow you need it. Your mind forms a connection with situations and bombards you with a bunch of puzzles.

How to come out? What is the problem with her? Why she left me? Why she ditched me even if I’ve trusted her a lot? Am I unlovable? If she finds another partner? What happens if I lose her? What’d be my world like?

This type of mysteries leads to overwhelming and confusing self. Most people stress their mind because they need quick answers.

See, the first thing is, life is not that straightforward. It takes time to be apparent for everything. And, honestly, I encountered it from situations. I still don’t have those answers. I’m waiting for it.

Second, uncertainty leads to clarity. Yes, as much as you are frustrated, your subconscious mind will work hard to provide diverse ways to find and sort things out.

When you linger with the situation and questions repeatedly, your mind will assist you to provide all the solutions.

Sometimes, you don’t know how it happened, but it happened. Your subconscious mind is consistently working on your problems.

This is not any miracle, it’s the power of the human brain. Whatever you request, it furnishes that model. If you’re worried about a specific problem, you’ll get unimaginable answers after a few days. And it’s way prominent than a rational thought process.

Our brain is so powerful. I noticed that as much as I feel embarrassment, later, I’ve in-depth answers. I can handle the situation better. You may have read my other articles. I write clear viewpoints about topics because I feel intense confusion before crafting the piece.

So, if you’re in chaos, it’s your better chance to deal with the circumstances than others. You can move faster.

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Hatred Leads To Love.

Uncertainty leads to emotional imbalance. No one likes being overwhelmed. If you know that tomorrow will be better, still you feel the horror with your self. You think that it happens because of you even if you aren’t responsible.

See, most people eschew the situation. They try to pressurize and obstruct those feelings and questions. But do you know, same as, hatred leads to love?

You can love even more and deeper way. Your heart will be influential.

Suppose, your partner evades you, and if you come out after undergoing each and every emotion, you feel gratitude for her, why? Because you’re a different version of yourself. You’re bigger. You love those who left. You feel enough.

We love those whom we once hate.

As much as you feel the pain and surpass emotions, you produce the deep-rooted love for the universe. Ultimately, negative emotions have energy, and they form a deep level of self-acceptance.

If you know it’s beneficial to pass through the negative emotions, you feel it anyway. And it’s the healing process. It’s part of the game.

Distress Leads to Comfort.

The third step is even inebriating. If you consistently feel morose feelings and anyhow, you’re unable to defeat it. You need to stop it. You need immediate relief, remember, distress leads to deep comfort.

Suppose, if you repress emotions, it interrupts the process and jumps like spring, you sense it even harder. So, better is, to pass the distress. You’re lonely, empty, resented, and isolated. You feel it even deep, and you think it’s over. You don’t have contempt for others, but you spoil yourself. At that time, you need support. You’re resembling for peace. You’re debilitated because of overthinking.

One way you can get the ultimate level of comfort. Just feel whatever happens.

If you feel deep loneliness, you’ve self-love after that. And why I’m saying that you should feel everything you come through is because negative emotions develop specific personality traits.

Success needs specific mindsets. If you don’t stop the healing process, your emotions evolve and establish proper personality traits.

See, healing is like grinding process. in the end, you’re pure flour.

Negative Emotions Leads The Amazing Results.

Self-love, patience, perseverance, productive habits, success mindsets, healthy relationships and everything you need, originate after painful experiences. And it demands an extreme level.

  • Success comes with thousands of failed efforts.
  • Happiness comes after tragedy.
  • Self-love comes after self-hate.
  • Forgiveness comes after ego.
  • Patience comes after stretching.

Everything best you want to accomplish comes after bad things or experience. So if you regard those experiences as “bad,” you’re not playing smart.

As deep as you know those terrible things, you get that amount good things. I’m not saying that just go for negative experience or transform happiness into distress.

I’m a big fan of stressful events. Yes, I broke, many times, but I grow faster.

I’m proud of myself that I’ve certain traits most people lack. And it matured through stressful experiences.

Heal At Your Rate.

Here is the key. Healing is a long process. It takes years to vanquish, and if you don’t know how to come out properly, you take more time. And anything you do, you left with 5 to 10% scars. You may not trust other people, you may not forgive them.

Don’t panic. It washes your mind clearly.

Sometimes, people say like how much? But you can’t time frame this process. Your brain is unaware of the years and months.

Most people try to faster the process, but it doesn’t work like that. Instead, reverse engineer it, it works.

Heal at your time and rate. Feel it, in the end, life presents marvelous compensations that most people don’t have.

Passionate Writer, promoter of ‘Love,’ big believer of Positive Psychology and helping you to reach your full potential of self and relationships.
Passionate Writer, promoter of ‘Love,’ big believer of Positive Psychology and helping you to reach your full potential of self and relationships.
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