Exercise, meditate and keep a gratitude journal. Say what?!?!??

Yep, these three habits will help anyone become more productive at work, whatever that work is.

Of course, if your job is to dig ditches with a spade for eight hours a day, you already get a hefty dose of exercise. But let’s assume your labor is not as manual.

OK, how do those things help you to become more productive at work?


No matter what you do, you will have more energy and potential for higher performance, if your body is in its optimal state. Sitting is the new smoking. A sedentary lifestyle is prevailing and destroying us from the inside.

(my pushups routine)

There are other health concerns that are as important as getting enough movement — these include hydration, sleeping enough or eating right. But exercise is the best way to start a new habit. It is tangible and measurable. You either work out or not. And it is also a keystone habit.

“Keystone habits are habits that have a multiplier or a domino effect in your life.” — Brian Tracy

If you develop a keystone habit, you get this multiplier effect by developing more good habits seemingly without effort.

Exercise, and you will probably start to eat right, get enough sleep and drink enough water. And you will also develop more good habits that may be completely unrelated to your health: you will start arriving to every meeting on time or start going on dates with your spouse every week.

Start exercising and your whole life improves. Including work performance.


Do you know what the foremost prerequisite for getting things done is? Focus. We live in a distracted world.

Meditation changes that. It is also very easy to learn and has a positive holistic effect on your being.

You can develop a lasting meditation habit by practicing just two minutes a day. It’s not woo-woo nor magical. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on the air entering your nostrils. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Again. Rinse and repeat. That’s meditation.

There is nothing magical in closing your eyes nor in breathing. And this practice is miraculous for your self-awareness.

Meditate in the morning for a few minutes and you may catch yourself daydreaming in the office five hours later, or opening a new tab in your browser to surf Facebook.

No other discipline is as easy and effective for building internal focus.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Every morning, write three new things you are grateful for. How the heck is this supposed to make you more productive at work?

Well, scientists discovered this practice makes you ‘more’ in every area of life.

“Gratitude rewires the human brain into positivity.
 When the brain is positive, every possible outcome we know how to test for raises dramatically.” — Shawn Achor

Check at the source, if you don’t believe me: #121: Shawn Achor — How Happiness Fuels Your Success

Eggheads examined many different aspects of human life, from fitness performance and school grades to sales and chances for promotion. Everything was better when the brain was positive.

(gratitude entries in my journal)

Keep a gratitude journal. Write those three things, each time something new to make your brain search for positives, and your productivity will increase dramatically.

As well as your relationships, health, savings and the rest of your life.

Three simple habits that will make you more productive at work. They will also improve every other area of your life. Don’t ponder it. Do it!

Authorpreneur. Progress fanatic. Michal helps people change their lives… even if they don’t believe they can.
Authorpreneur. Progress fanatic. Michal helps people change their lives… even if they don’t believe they can.

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