‘Twas five nights before Christmas

And all through the home

No one was stirring

Because mom was alone


The guys had all headed

To the movies to buy

Tickets to watch

Star Wars Last Jedi


So mom in her sweats

Sat down on her chair

surrounded by pets

and not giving a care


When in her tummy she heard a faint rumble,

She sprang to her feet, without even a stumble.

Away to the fridge she flew like a flash,

Tore open the door and checked out the stash.


The potpie was sitting on a shelf in the middle

She thought about eating alone with a giggle,

And what to her wondering eyes did appear,

But an unopened bottle of organic root beer.


With a fork in her hand, she gave the pot pie some heat,

And knew in a moment she was going to eat.

More peaceful than a baby asleep in his crib,

The house was all silent; you know what she did.


As someone who rarely gets her own space,

She grinned and prayed a sweet prayer of grace.

Then back to the couch that mama, she flew,

With plate full of potpie, and a See’s Candy too.


And then, in a twinkling, she gobbled each bite;

Turned on the Hallmark Channel and said with delight,

“I think I’ll watch a chick flick since no men are here.”

She scrolled a few channels and sipped her root beer.


And no one was there to hear her exclaim with a smile,

THIS is what I call CHRISTMAS — time alone for a while!


Visit Patty at HeartsHomeward.com.

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