Delia lived in a world surrounded by cameras and surveillance. Her life was pretty, yet unfulfilled. She wanted nothing more than unconditional love, and trust, but with Jeff, it simply wasn’t in the design of their relationship. 

Everywhere she went, Delia’s partner watched her, through his phone, and she never considered the consequences. She figured she had no reason to feel concerned, as she had always been loyal to him. She was committed, to a fault. 

When her man, Jeff, left town, he called her numerous times per day, Face Timed her, to make sure she was at home and texted her non-stop. Delia never knew any different, as they had been together for over a decade. Her friends had told her that it wasn’t “normal” for her to be under his constant watch, and it unnerved them. She never listened. Deep inside her, she knew they were right, yet she refused to believe that she could be caught in such a dark web. 

She saw good in Jeff. He was always splurging on travel, expensive household items, and his own habits. He was never cautious about spending money, even if it was for his own benefit, as well as hers. She wanted his heart to be real. She wanted him to be the man she saw glimpses of, when he wasn’t continually insulting her. 

She never saw herself as trapped. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Until She Was. 

She longed for friendship and a bond with other women, and often tried to plan nights out with friends. Jeff disliked it when Delia drank and had fun, when he wasn’t invited. He kept a close eye on Facebook posts of wine nights, and girls’ evenings, searching for something to hold over her head. 

His jealousy was malicious and he scoured each post for men in the background, to question her about. 

“Who is that guy? He’s a little close to you isn’t he?” Jeff would leer at her with accusing eyes when he asked. 

“He was just hanging out near our group. I don’t know him that well,” Delia always felt like she was guilty, even when she wasn’t. 

Jeff would become enraged, and storm out of the room, his mind going crazy. He hated anyone near his “woman”, and made a point of saying so, unkindly. He treated her as though she was a possession, rather than a person, and it bothered her, but she took it. She had simply resigned to the fact that this was her life, and she would power through anything she was accused of. It would all blow over, eventually, and his gaze would return. 

Jeff was not a gentleman, nor was he a ladies’ man. He was simply, Jeff. She had learned to accept his anger and his sexual advances over the years, and make excuses for them. He was “just Jeff”, and that was how she saw him. She told herself daily, that her life could be worse, and that she was blessed to be in a good home, with her pretty life. The two of them shared friends who meant the world to Delia, and their weekends were spent enjoying wine and dinner parties together. 

Jeff could make their friends laugh, and put on a different persona when he was in mixed company. He saved face, and never let on that he was obsessed with his woman. No kind words, or praise was often uttered about Delia, and she often questioned why. But, it was just how Jeff was. He wasn’t the type to speak kindly of others, and rarely of her. 

Behind closed doors, Jeff was either Mr. Nice Guy, who tried to be humorous and horny, or he was downright mean to Delia. She never knew what kind of mood he would be in when he came home from work, and privately prepared herself for either entrance. Delia would wait until he was on his drive home, and prep with a spritz of perfume, and a hair brushing, in hopes he would notice. He rarely did.  

There were days when Jeff would come into the house, grumbling about traffic and work stress, as he brushed past Delia and went outside to smoke. There were other days when he would rush into the house and ask when dinner would be ready, as he gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Sometimes they would talk briefly about their days, and others, not at all. 

It was just Jeff’s way. She accepted her fate, as his woman, and made every attempt to keep peace in their household. 

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

One Day, She Had Enough…

Delia had gone out with her friend, Kate, for some drinks, and dancing. They made a plan to get Delia out of the house and to take a break from the men and Kate’s kids. Delia was excited and told Jeff she would be taking a hotel room with Kate and enjoying a night away. 

Jeff was furious. 

He accused Kate of wanting to “hook up”, and told Delia that he was not happy that she would put herself into that kind of position. Kate was happily married, and not the type of lady that Jeff accused her of being. 

While she and Kate were out, a male friend from Kate’s childhood days joined them for drinks. Kate was taking photos and posting on Snapchat and Facebook, not considering what could happen. 

Within minutes, Jeff was texting Delia and asking her who the man was, that was “hanging all over her”. He happened to see the pic, as he scrolled through his phone from the sofa at home. 

When Delia returned home, Jeff was filled with rage and accusations. He told Delia that he was sickened that she would fuck a guy, like the one in the photo, and called her names, like “slut”. 

That was enough. 

Delia began to rally her tribe of girlfriends and asked them for guidance and advice. One of them offered her a safe place to go, anytime. Another told her that she was available 24/7, for when Delia could make her escape. 

Jeff was out of town and calling Delia daily to check in. He told her he was watching her on her phone, as she drove around the city. He said he could see as she turned corners, and when she made U-turns. It scared Delia to know that he was scrutinizing her every move, in the house and out. 

During a long conversation with Kate, Delia realized that she needed to escape from Jeff and his continual power over her. She needed a Safety Plan. The two women discussed options and spots to go to, in case Jeff became enraged. Another friend offered her an open door, with keys hidden in a safe place. 

Her friends all reminded her that her relationship is toxic and that Jeff’s treatment is not okay. He is possessive and angry, and they feared for her life. Delia sat and contemplated, wondering what the next step will be. Jeff had gotten so deep inside of her head, that she was paralyzed, other than pacing inside the cage that was once her home. 

Delia, still sitting at home in a state of panic, simply longs to be Un-Trapped. 

She waits for Jeff to make one more move….

Early Childhood professional/Ghost Writer/ Freelancer/Author/ Creative Rambler- AKA Marley Haus- Everyone has a STORY, Some of us love to write them. Visit Christina on
Early Childhood professional/Ghost Writer/ Freelancer/Author/ Creative Rambler- AKA Marley Haus- Everyone has a STORY, Some of us love to write them. Visit Christina on

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