It never fails.

I’m in the turn lane with a clear view of oncoming traffic. I’m calculating in my mind where the break is. The turning point.

Then, as if a wrench falls from the sky, another car pulls into the opposite turn lane. Now I can’t see. My view is blocked. I know you can relate.

So I wait because if I don’t, I’m taking a chance. And my decision to wait or go affects others too, doesn’t it?

Just today, I passed by two cars waiting in opposite turn lanes. In my rear-view mirror, I could see at least one of them had a clear path. But they couldn’t see it and I couldn’t tell them. They had to find it out for themselves — when they could see clearly again.

God has a clear view

We may not be able to see what our future holds, but God always has the clear view. He is our clear view. He helps us see clearly when the time is right.

He knows all of our turning points.

So we can trust when He says go, and trust when He says stay put.

We have this tendency to want what we want when we want it. We may be a list-checker who loves checking off boxes on a to-do list. We may specialize in false-starts and try to accomplish things too quickly. No doubt quick is required under certain circumstances, like the 911 kind. But quick can also be to our own detriment.

When we act on something before thinking, praying, and preparing, we may have to do that something all over again. Worse yet, we may not have the opportunity for that second chance.

Forced to wait

I wrote an ebook recently, Step Out of Your Doubt and Into Your Calling, expanding on an article of mine published in Just Between Us magazine a few years ago. Because I am passionate about this message, I was anxious to get the book up on my site as a free offer to subscribers — so anxious in fact, when I ran into some sticky techy problems, I about had a melt-down. An ugly, anxious, I-hate-technology kind of melt-down. Then things got brighter.

No, the book is not up on my site yet. Turns out, it wasn’t ready. I’m sure it was the Holy Spirit leading in His Holy Spirit way, gently reminding me I had a few more things to say (rhyming not intended). I gave a talk at a women’s event, Finding Joy In Your Calling, and seems I had a few additional nuggets to add to the book.

Glad I waited or rather was forced to wait. There’s a part of the fruit of the Spirit that comes in handy at times like these — I believe it’s called patience.

We may have to wait for a clear path forward. If we move too soon it could set us backward. It could mean the difference between mediocre and excellence. 

Worth the wait

Great plans take time. And they are worth the wait. Let’s not move forward before we have clear sight of our direction.

Until then, we spend time in the waiting room.

I have no doubt when that book is ready the tech part will flow like a river.

By the way, waiting doesn’t mean everything comes to a halt. We can still be productive while waiting for go-time. Waiting anxiously for answers won’t make them come any faster. Filling the waiting with meaningful life-giving, love-winning, soul-searching activities will sustain us. It will quell our anxiety and amazingly enough, it makes the wait-time seem shorter.

Some positive thoughts on waiting:

  • Waiting provides more time to pray, seek, and reflect. It’s not buying time, it’s spending it.
  • Waiting could be the difference between settling for good and experiencing great.
  • Waiting doesn’t mean time stands still, it means to be still at the right time.
  • Waiting won’t last forever, even though it feels that way. Don’t allow waiting to dictate your life. You’ve got plenty of other things to keep you busy.

We all wish for a little extra time, don’t we? Be thankful and praise God for the wait because we can be assured what He has for us is worth waiting for.

God gives guidance, patience, direction and even wisdom. We just need to ask Him for it and guess what?

We get it.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. James 1:5 (NIV)

Are we getting it?

Wait for the turning point.

Are you currently in a time of waiting?


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