Creativity is a funny thing. 

It’s not A+B=C. 

It’s more like A+C= D-E =B. 

We all want to write more. 

But we often don’t, right? 

Here’s the thing you already know… accountability REALLY REALLY works. 

And accountability comes in many different forms. 

Maybe you have a writer’s group, a mastermind or even a coach. All great options.  

But there are other forms of accountability like showing up on a regular basis.

And forcing yourself to listen, learn, and create. 

Enter Podcasting

I love podcasts. Always have. 

They’re fun, interesting, entertaining, and informative.

I’ve learned so much from podcasting over the years. I have even had the opportunity to be a guest on a few podcasts as well.

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

In January, I started doing a daily podcast. That’s right a podcast every single day. (Well, for the first month. Now I do a show six days a week.) 

So how does this fit with writing more?

The show is about my writing journey. 

It’s called the Finish Your Book Podcast. 

I just share some short insights about what I’m learning and doing every single day. 

Know what’s REEEEEEAALLLLY boring? A writing podcast where the host isn’t writing. 

That’s a lot like a math podcast where the host isn’t using math. Pretty weird.

As a result, having my own podcast has given me some external accountability to keep writing. 

I’m not afraid to share my own personal experiences with writing in my show. As a matter of fact, that’s really what my show is about. 

It originally started out with my sharing interviews with popular authors, but everyone is doing that. 

Everyone has an interview show. While I do enjoy many of those, I decided to zig when everyone else is zags.

Some episodes are raw. Like when I am sick and my voice is rough and I’ve only written for 5 minutes. 

But some beats none. 

I know for a fact that I’ve written more from having this podcast. 

I know what you’re thinking. That’s nice, Jim. What about me?

The Takeaway For You

While I chose to having a writing-focused podcast, you could turn your Medium posts into podcast form. 

Say you talk about productivity, entrepreneurship, technology or being a single parent. 

You could easily have a podcast on those topics. There are many people who would love to hear about those areas. 

Best of all, you can start right now. Pull that phone out of your pocket and find the voice recorder app. 

Start right there. 

Yes, it will be rough. So what? It’s still a start.

Don’t worry about branding or logos or any of that. 

Just focus on telling the best story you can tell. And think of the listener. Share your insights with him.

Be honest. Be brutal. Be raw. All of this will help your voice be more authentic. 

Then listen to it. (Hard the first time, I know.)

Practice. Practice. Practice. 

Once you feel better about the recordings, share an episode with a few friends.

Keep practicing. (This is why doing a daily podcast is a really good way to improve quickly.)

Then figure out your logo, name of the show and theme music. (Ask in a Podcasting Facebook Group like Podcast Movement to save tons of time.) 

Release the show on a regular basis and ask for questions from listeners (this is REALLY important). 

Suddenly you know what you should write about more (as well as having show ideas). 

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to becoming an official podcaster (if there really is such a thing.)

One More Thing…

To reach more of your audience today, you can’t just rely on text. It flat out doesn’t work. Why?

Because people want to digest your content in other ways.

Record a video with your phone and share the video. Pull the audio (it’s super easy with websites that convert videos to Mp3s) from that and you can podcast that way too.

Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

You must be constantly creating content in new forms to reach more people with your message. 

Don’t ever hesitate to repurpose content EVER. Even the biggest brands and names in the world do it.  

You won’t ever bore an audience by sharing the same story in different forms.

You’ll likely put a different twist on a topic just by the form of content. 

Remember at the beginning of the post I said creativity is really funny. 

As you create more, you’ll get inspired. You’ll find a rhythm that works for you.

You’re ready now, even if you don’t think you are.

It’s time to get started. Your audience is waiting for you. 


Jim Woods, an author, freelance writer and writing coach who loves helping others share and tell better stories.
Jim Woods, an author, freelance writer and writing coach who loves helping others share and tell better stories.

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