Perspective is everything.

Once upon a time, I was a mouse. A small, quiet little mouse afraid to speak, afraid to move. Afraid to do anything for fear of failure. For fear of rejection.

The mouse voice in my head told me that I wasn’t good enough. It said I’d never measure up to the greatness of others. The smartest people, the most talented people who could sing and dance and act. The prettiest girls, the athletes, the popular kids, the lucky ones. Not me.

I lacked courage; therefore, my world was small. I looked up to others because I saw myself down so low. I measured myself according to their perceived stature and found myself weak and wanting. Anything I did was unworthy of notice. Anything I did was mediocre, worthless.

Then, I found another mouse and we clung to one another, cowering in the corner, fearful of being stepped upon. The wide world was too large and scary for us.

For years we hid away in our mouse hole afraid to go outside, but often we were compelled to do so. We darted out and then ran quickly back inside. 

Our experiences outside were not encouraging as we looked around and saw others confidently flourishing while we quivered with fear.

But then came a time when I had to stay outside and make a living. Now, I was around others who were just the same as me, but they did not think that they were small and weak. They were not afraid.

Soon, I felt comfortable among them. After some time, I stopped hearing the voice that said I was nothing. Later, I stopped worrying and stopped comparing myself to others. I began to feel competent, even skilled and knowledgeable.

I recognized that I could change my world by seeing it in a different way. This, I realized, was possible because I was different.

I tried to pull the other mouse out into the world with me, but he refused to come. He continued to hide away. He still believed he was nothing.

So, I left and went my own way. I discovered that I was not less than others. I no longer looked out onto the world with fear and trembling. I found that the world was wide and inviting and that it welcomed me.

And though I might not have the beauty or the talent or the brilliance of the others, I had my own talents, my own kind of beauty, my own brilliance.

It wasn’t long until I realized I was no longer a mouse, but a person. And I could be any kind of person I wanted to be.

Pixabay Reza Sadeghi

Life isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the alternative. I have lived many lives in my lifetime and intend to live many more. Visit Laura at .
Life isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the alternative. I have lived many lives in my lifetime and intend to live many more. Visit Laura at .

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