The Choice is Ours

Our lives are truly binary. We make decisions every day, and ultimately, they end up being between one of two choices.

Heaven or hell. Good or evil. To eat healthy or unhealthy. To cheat or not to cheat on our spouse. To buy another unnecessary item or not. The list can go on and on.

God gave us the opportunity of free will, and it typically boils down to a binary choice between two certain things.

I can’t tell you what decision to make with whatever decision your debating between, but there are two voices inside all of us.

You know the little voices of a little devil and angel on your shoulder telling you to either go for it or don’t go for it. And we all know which decision goes with which voice.

I’ve been struggling with the sin of gluttony for quite some time now. I’ve let that little devil get the best of me for some years now. I can’t let him win because my little angel has slowly been dying over the years. Well, it’s time to bring her back to life.

What are your voices telling you? I want to encourage each of you to go with that tiny little angel voice in the background that seems like it’s whispering, but yet, it’s yelling out to you to put that alcohol down, to go home to your wife and children, or whatever binary choice your debating between.


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