the 1st precept

I did it!

I created a youtube video about the 1st precept in a mindfulness practice. I’ve been filming Facebook Lives and have created over 100 videos about mindfulness as a practice, in food/eating, in educating our kids . . . but I always stopped at some point.


Why did I continually start and stop making videos or even writing about mindfulness? The answer seems so clear now.

The foundation

In order to succeed at anything, you must feel it in your bones. If you are merely following what someone else has done . . . failure will be in your future.

Looking at someone else’s ending as your beginning sets you up for failure.

Stay in your own lane.

“Stay in your own lane.” is a concept that I preach all the time. We forget. We see something beautiful and want it. The shiny object syndrome. It gets us so off track we can’t find our lane again.

The foundation of what I’m doing (the 5 precepts) . . . came to me. I didn’t go looking. I didn’t sit down one day and decide to write out five precepts to live by and share. No. I didn’t happen that way at all.

I lived life and noticed the patterns. I wrote those patterns down. Now I share them. I feel them in my bones — even though I get Monday and Tuesday mixed up often. That’s part of who I am. My awareness of my me-ness. *I do it again in this video.*

The 1st precept video:

Just me, in my kitchen, no fancy equipment, no stylist. It’s how I roll. I don’t feel the need to impress anyone. I can be just me. It is the most beautiful thing to be at home in my own body. BUT this wasn’t always the case. AND sometimes I fall into the minds trap of negativity. Luckily, I practice awareness that can tenderly bring me back to mindfulness. For me, it is about the message and not about how polished or professional the video looks — I’m ok with that (now).

You can have it too!

In my writing and in my videos I give you tools to help you on your own journey. I stress that what works for me probably won’t work for you yet we are having the same kind of experience.

I get raising kids and picking up the socks off the floor. We may share sock issue (of which there are many) but it will still be a different experience.

I feel lonely. Isolated. I know for certain many of you feel the same way . . . but different.

The trick is understanding that we are having the same experience yet different. We are walking each other home but not walking in each other’s footsteps.

I get that! I get you. I love it when people can validate my experience with compassion and empathy. This is what I want to extend as well. Or if I can’t quite understand, I enter into an awareness of compassion and curiosity.

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