Why should I blog on Medium?

Hey Okon, your comment piqued my interest. I’ve taken the liberty to pretend I am an expert on the topic.

We both know I am not. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

Your questions are valid. With the rate at which content is created, what is the point of yet another voice screaming in the endless abyss of the web?


No one can tell your story better than you. All stories are valid to someone, somewhere. All lives matter. Money is a by-product of value. The internet is a tool. Use it to your advantage.

Long version

The internet has the capacity to changes lives, entirely. In our time, some businesses run completely online. Lives have been moved from poverty to wealth with code. People have found their passions because of the tools of the web. Lovers have connected across seas. There’s been a lot of changes since the introduction of the world wide web in the early 90s.

I can’t actually imagine a world without the internet or smartphones.

Like every man-made tool, new forms of damage were born with this same tool. Cyber bullying, mass hacking, spoofing, virus attacks that have destroyed data and had people lose their jobs. Some jobs being taken over by automated systems. Fear of Artificial Intelligence taking over. Depression linked directlyto Social Media.

Change is both good and bad. It all depends from where you look. One thing remains: change is change. Change is constant.

Medium is one of such changes to the web.

I’ll now attempt an answer to your questions from my personal perspective. You will decide whether or not to undertake the task required to master this tool and build your world.

1. What do I Get Being Popular as a Writer on Medium?

Tom Kuegler is one of my favorite Medium writers. I was watching his webinar a few days ago. I had no idea his career took off because he started writing on Medium more seriously. He now makes a pretty decent living from it. I might even say he’s living on his own terms which, to me, is way impressive more than most people on earth can afford.

Thanks to Medium.

This is just one person out of many: Anthony Moore , Tim Denning , Nicolas ColeJeff Goins and other awesome humans.

They may have a huge following now — you may even consider them popular — but the commonality I observe is how hard and smart they had to work to get where they are, and how they consistently and continuously hone their craft and business acumen to make enough to keep doing what they love and share what they know.

You may get money from Medium. You may even get notoriety.

The greatest value from Medium is the ability to connect, share stories, change people with your story and find a way to live life on your own terms.

It’s hard — but possible. Follow the ‘popular’ writers. See where they started. See how hard they worked. Pay attention to their context.

Then, adapt to yours.

2. Sometimes I get confused as to why I should blog on Medium

I’ve been blogging on Medium inconsistently for the past two years. Even in my inconsistency, Medium has provided me with a place where I could read the kinds of stories I wanted to write, and write the kinds of stories I wanted to read. I’ve also been writing online since 2012. So, I may have brought some experience from there to add to this.


Blogging on Medium is a way to build your personal brand, which, I think, should be a priority for anyone who understands the value of the internet.

You don’t even have to make money while blogging on Medium. Just the act of putting your words out to the world — with respect for the reader — can allow the kind of connections you could never have imagined.

I have made friends because of Medium. Publications like P.S. I Love You held me when I was going through dark times. Comments have taken me from a place of despair to hope. The messages I get from my friends on Facebook show me what direction my writing needs to grow into.

There’s never been a better time to share you story.

I know it doesn’t come naturally to most people to talk about themselves, or what they know, or what they’re passionate about.

Photo by Stanley Dai on Unsplash

The only way to know if this is for you is to try it out.

Do it for you, and for the people who need your story.

You might not realize this, but someone somewhere needs your story.

Figure out what you want to say, understand how Medium works, find out if it is relevant for you, then get at it.

No matter how hard you climb the wall, it’s all waste if it’s the wrong wall.

It’s a beautiful time to be a storyteller.

The only way to stand out is to be yourself — authentic and true.

It will take practice. You may want to give up. I hope you keep this in mind when the thought crosses your mind. It’s a segment from a speech by one of my favorite authors Neil Gaiman:

‘Whenever I did something where the only reason for doing it was money — and this was a lesson that I learned beginning with being a 23-year-old author hired to write a book about Duran Duran — that whenever I did something and the only reason for doing it was the money, normally something would go terribly wrong. And I normally wouldn’t get the money and then I wouldn’t have anything. Whereas, whenever I did anything where what prompted my doing it was being interested, being excited, caring, thinking this is going to be fun, even if things went wrong and I didn’t get the money, I had something I was proud of. …

It’s something that, you know, I forget. Sometimes somebody waves a paycheck and I go, ‘I don’t really have any reason for doing it, I’m not interested. But, yes, what amazing money, how can I say no?’ And then I do it, and then I regret it. And you can almost feel the universe itself sighing, like, ‘Why doesn’t he learn this one?’

All the best as you start your writing journey.

I do a lot of things–they all involve some form of story telling. I just immigrated to the USA from Cameroon. I’m building my body of work, one word at a time.
I do a lot of things–they all involve some form of story telling. I just immigrated to the USA from Cameroon. I’m building my body of work, one word at a time.
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