Several years ago we had a wonderful dog named Caesar. He was a delight in our lives. He was loving, well behaved and intelligent. He could communicate with us his desires and understood much of what we said, so much so that we had to spell some of his favorite things lest he understand.

While he wasn’t much of a theologian, he taught me about God. Here’s how it unfolded.

There were a couple of things he loved.

He loved the newspaper. He enjoyed the sound it made when he laid on it and apparently it was fairly comfortable. If it was rolled up, it made a good toy.

He also loved going to the bank. When we went through the drive-through, there would always be a treat for him in the canister when it was sent back.

I am fairly certain he could not understand at least two things. Why would I sit with the newspaper in front of me looking at it? It was far more delightful to lay on it or play with it. And why didn’t we go to the bank far more often — like every day?

He surely didn’t understand that the newspaper was for conveying information and the bank was for financial transactions.

Teaching Theology

Then it dawned on me. As much as he couldn’t understand things about what I did, I could not understand things God did.

Although I was much smarter than Caesar, the distance between my understanding and God’s understanding is far greater!

How often to I want to play with the newspaper and get the treat but God understands those things to be of a different purpose.

I firmly believe that there will always be things about God we cannot and will not understand. I embrace that reality. The only way for God to be God is for him to be incomprehensible to me. He must always be supreme!

I can take great joy in what I do know about God.

He loves me. No matter how foolish I am, he has unconditional love for me.

I can trust him. Since he loves me, I know he has the best in mind for my life.

He will discipline me. That’s okay, too, because I want to please him in all I do.

I am overwhelmed when I contemplate that God delights in me and wants to give me eternal abundant life! And he wants that everyone, including you.


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Jim helps people follow Jesus so they can live the abundant live and change the world. Leave a comment and visit him at
Jim helps people follow Jesus so they can live the abundant live and change the world. Leave a comment and visit him at

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