What’s Your Name Worth?

I recently watched an interview with multi-million-selling music producer, David Foster.

David tells the story of completing production on one of his first records and giving a copy to his mentor, Quincy Jones, (a multi-bazillion selling music producer).

Handing Quincy the record, David said,

“By the way, track one is not one of my favorite songs. On track three, don’t listen to vocals in the bridge because they’re out of tune. Track six is not good but they made me use the song”

Quincy grabbed the record from him and pointed, “What does it say right here?”

David answered, “Produced by David Foster.”

Quincy replied, “Right. You’re an idiot. That’s your name. And if it can’t be your very best effort, you better not put your name on it.”

Yikes. Get the point?

I’m a producer and so are you. To paraphrase Foster:

“Where the artist is weak, we do everything. Where the artist is strong we fight to make them as great as they can be.”

Imagine purchasing a book or multimedia app from your favorite author and finding a handwritten note inside that reads:

“Please note, our budget was tight and the project was behind schedule, so we apologize for not having all the content that we wanted. But please buy our next release, since we’re planning on doing a much better job next time.”

Ridiculous, right?

Does this mean every initiative needs a million dollar budget? Of course not.

But creating resources that truly impact people takes time, planning, and teamwork.

Most of all, it takes a firm resolve to always give people your best.

You can deliver excellence in your own unique way.

Visit Mike at MikeLoomis.CO
Launch your dream idea, book, brand, & business. Mike can help – It’s what he does at MikeLoomis.co.
Launch your dream idea, book, brand, & business. Mike can help – It’s what he does at MikeLoomis.co.
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