Meditations on Psalm 6.

David cries out to the Lord!

What is his trouble? We do not find out until the very end of this song. It is people who are against him that bring him such emotional turmoil. (verses 7–9)

His world is literally in chaos. He lacks close intimacy with God. Notice I said close- at this point he believes God may be disciplining him. Indeed he fears God’s reproof. (verse 1). He asks for God’s mercy in healing his body. (verse 2) His soul is in anguish. (verse 3)

His troubles have so multiplied he feels he may die.(verse 5) Yet he continues to look to God for salvation, the salvation of his body from the grave(verse 5), as well as deliverance for his soul’s anguish.(verse 8).

We also observe in verses 7 and 8 that his suffering is continuous. It’s enough to affect the natural rhythms of his body. Sleep and rest abandon him.

In the final stage of his petition, verses 8–9, he puts his hope in the Lord. We see in the final verse, in verse 10, that he comes to an assurance that his enemies will be defeated. He finishes his song on a note of hope that God will indeed intervene in his circumstances.

Different Types of Psalms in the Psalter.

You probably already know that there are a variety of psalms in the Psalter.

This psalm is a psalm of lament. Lament simply means complaint. David is complaining! But we can be encouraged that, with one exception (isn’t there always an exception to the rule?) the Psalmist works through his difficulties in talking with God, openly and honestly.

When you face troubles in your own life, do you reach for some signposts, as I sometimes do, to guide your reading in God’s Word? Aren’t you thankful that people that have studied the Bible a bit more than you and me, and have given us the benefit of their expertise and given us direction? Here is an excerpt from a table in The Life Application Study Bible(page 1083) to show you what I mean.

When you want to find comfort – Read Psalm 23

When you want to meet God intimately- Read Psalm 103

When you want to learn a new prayer- Read Psalm 136

When you want to learn a new song- Read Psalm 92

When you want to learn more about God- Read Psalm 24

When you want to understand yourself more clearly- Read Psalm 8

When you want to be forgiven of your sins- Read Psalm 51

The footnote to this table says, and I quote:

“God’s Word was written to be studied, understood, and applied and the book of Psalms lends itself most directly to application. We understand the Psalms best when we ‘ stand aside’ them and allow them to flow over us like a rain shower. (Don’t you love that imagery?) We may turn to Psalms looking for something, but sooner or later we will meet someone.”

Photo by Eutah Mizushima on Unsplash

Call To Action:

I encourage you to dive into this psalm now, and meet the God who is always there, who controls all things, and who loves you with an everlasting love.

Take your present circumstances, and like David, talk to him about them.

Receive the hope that only He can give. Ask God to give you comfort, strength, the ability to endure patiently. Even dare to pray that His Word would be like a refreshing rain shower to you in this moment. Be blessed!

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