He’s been so quiet!

Tens of thousands of years ago early civilizations honored and prayed to many gods, who came in many forms. The Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptians had several gods and goddesses for whom they built numerous elaborate temples. The ancient Egyptians also believed that their pharaohs were gods and treated them as such. Other ancient peoples prayed to the gods of nature, such as the sun, wind, fire, animals and the forest itself. People also prayed to different gods who represented different aspects of life, such as the gods of fertility. war and even wine. About 4000 years ago the idea of monotheism or ”one god” was introduced by Abraham, in the founding of the Jewish religion. A few thousand years later, Christianity, an offshoot of Judaism was founded. At about the same time Islam was founded. All three of these religions honored one single God, who was basically the same God with different names, Jehovah, Allah or God, according to what religion you belonged to. Eventually praying to only one God became the norm. Even though the same one God is recognized as the same “one true God” each of these religions has been at each other’s throats for thousands of years, professing to be the “only true religion”. Even the different sects of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are professing to be the true sect of their religion. Millions of people have died and thousands continue to die to this day, all in the name of God.

Surely God can do that.

All of these religions believe that God is an all loving, all powerful and all forgiving God. One thing that baffles me is, how God lets the bloodshed of the past and the bloodshed of today continue. Why does he stand by and allow people to murder each other in His name? Why doesn’t He come out and say “cut the crap and accept and love one another in My name instead of killing your fellow man in My name”? Surely God can do that.

“It’s God’s will”

If you look at the Bible, you will see that God had talked to Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Ezekiel, Noah and a few others. But that was about 4,000 years ago. Why was God so talkative way back then, but suddenly so quiet now? As far as I know, God has not talked to anyone in at least 2000 years, if you don’t count some of the present day Conservative Christian preachers and politicians, who profess to be speaking with God, usually to get you to send them money. Another question I have on this subject is “where was God all of those tens of thousands of years before he supposedly spoke to Abraham”? What made Him decide suddenly to talk to Abraham and tell him to found the Jewish religion? I don’t understand it. I am sure if I were to address these concerns to any devout member of the above religions I would get the response, “It’s God’s will”. The standard response a religious person gives when he can’t come up with a logical answer.

Maybe God is just fed up with us all!

What I am really worried about is that if by some amazing miracle God reads this article (this is possible because religions teach that God is all knowing) and decides to talk to someone about the religious violence occurring in the world today. Would that person believe that God was actually talking to him? And what would happen when he communicated to the rest of us what God had said? We all would probably think he was crazy and pay him no heed. Who knows? Maybe God has already told us to stop the killing and violence in the name of religion and we just laughed at the messenger. I really believe, however, that is intrinsically human for people to hate and to kill for no reason at all. After all, look at history. History is basically the story of mankind and if you read history you will see that it is all about wars and people killing other people for land, power or because they are of a different religion, tribe, nationality or some other superficial reason. Animals kill for food and for defense. Humans kill for no reason at all. And we consider ourselves superior! Maybe God is just fed up with us all!

A retiree living in upstate New York. Writing is his hobby. His blogs: Free Flowing Waves, Steveso Thinks, Cattle Dog Kids and Help Me Make Up My Mind. Visit Steve at SteveSoThinks.com.
A retiree living in upstate New York. Writing is his hobby. His blogs: Free Flowing Waves, Steveso Thinks, Cattle Dog Kids and Help Me Make Up My Mind. Visit Steve at SteveSoThinks.com.

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