As a mom, I often find myself learning some significant life lessons from my children.

Children are the best when it comes to teaching us how to tackle some challenges in life. They are so innocent, and with that comes a sense of purity and sincerity.

Sometimes, I find myself in situations that make me feel like the whole world is crashing down on my shoulders. And in such instances, my children have somehow found a way to teach me that we shouldn’t take this life too seriously.

I remember a certain incident that happened which had left me feeling distraught and frustrated. At that point, I couldn’t find any reason to smile, talk more of laughing.

And my son had walked up to me and asked, “Mommy why are you sad?” And when I attempted to respond with some form of explanation for why ‘I wasn’t feeling good’, he had responded with, “don’t worry mommy, everything will be ok”, and had laughed away and hurried to go play with his toys.

At that point, I sat down gazing at his turned back as he hurried away, and spent some time reflecting on the brief encounter we had just had.

My son had behaved as though I hadn’t said anything significant. But, with only seven words, he had communicated a very significant message to me. And at that moment, I began to ask myself some soul-searching questions.

“Why was I feeling too distraught about a challenge I knew would be ultimately taken care of (even if I didn’t know exactly how it would be addressed at that point)?”

“Why would I allow anxiety over my situation steal my joy, and ultimately my smile, laughter, and cheer?”

That encounter with my child went a long way to teach me one fundamental truth about life. And that is:

Worrying and anxiety wouldn’t make a bad situation better. In fact, it would only make a bad situation worse or worst. Because it can make you depressed and can even close up your mind to figuring out a concrete solution (because you are spending all your mental energy worrying about the problem rather than figuring out a solution).

So, when faced with the pressures of life, rather than go all moody and gloomy, we should have faith that everything, regardless of how grim the situation is would eventually work out for our good.

And I read something else that, ‘laughter is the best medicine’. And I can tell you from personal experience that when you consciously make the effort to laugh during a difficult situation, (even though there are a thousand and one reasons why you shouldn’t,) it takes a significant load off your shoulders.

And also opens up your mind to possible solutions and breakthroughs.

One more thing before I wrap up this piece.

We must never underestimate how much our children can teach us about life as adults. They may be so young that we think they have nothing to offer, but through their innocence, we may begin to see life with a different set of lenses.

So, yeah, you go laugh some more because laughter is indeed the best medicine for your soul!

Love and Peace,



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