Shocking Revelation Ahead

In general I am a pretty positive guy. I like what I do in the world. I create and publish self-improvement and writing programs. It’s a lot of fun and is frankly the best gig I have ever had.

I have an email list of people who I send positive daily emails to. That email is written in the same way I write here on Medium. Positive and plain spoken. I like that.

I’ve done this for more than 11 years and some folks have been getting daily emails since the beginning.

Shocking Revelation Alert

So I get an email the yesterday from a lady who has been a subscriber for nearly a year. Here’s what she said.

Dear Michael

I want to tell you why I am unsubscribing from your emails after a yearI think you are just too positive. I like the messages but I can’t believe anyone is positive every day like you are.


XXXXXXXXX (not her real name)

So I wrote back to her.

Dear XXXXXXXXX (still not her real name)

Thank you for writing, I appreciate that you took the time to let me know why you are unsubscribing.

The truth is, I am that positive every day. Not that things don’t happen that are unpleasant that I have to take care of, but I find they are easier to take care of from a positive point of view.

If you ever want to sign up again to get some more positivity delivered to your digital doorstep, you know where to find us.


Michael Shook (my real name)

In fact, my life has not always been so positively oriented. Much of it has been difficult. I grew up hard and have had many difficult jobs.

But what I found after some time of studying self-improvement ideas was that I felt better being more positive than negative, so I decided to create that email service.

Actually, I feel better with every email I write; that’s one reason I think writing is so important in the world. People showing their insides and healing their hearts at the same time. It works and the internet is a much better for there being places like Medium.

The aweseomest thing is, she wrote that on the day I sent out my 3000th email. I just thought that was kind of cool.

Visit Michael at and find more of his work here

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