A baby cries when it is in need of nourishment, care, or a simple nappy change. However, adults are taught from a young age that crying is weak. There are other ways to bind our frustration. Our hearts have been closed to feel our emotions through crying. I have always had this emotional streak where I cried for no reason. It started from the age of nineteen. 

Now I know why. We are stuck in a prison, one where our rights are taken away unless we follow the rules. I became disillusioned in believing that the world would become enlightened in 2012 until I finally faced the reality that this is the cruel world we live in today. 

The love of money is the root of all evil, and money can certainly corrupt people into needing more of it, and then stingy with it because it also creates a lack state of mind. Money can become like a drug. I believe that there is enough money to go around for everyone to live comfortably, but this world is no euphoria because of the disease of sin. Christ is our redeemer.

Crying is Healthy

The benefits of crying are numerous. It can help us rid anger, frustration, fear, and even self-hate. When I get into phases of compulsive skin picking until my fingers ache, I suddenly realise — once again —  that this cycle is self-destructive and doesn’t help my mental health. I often cry in these moments of desperation that I can’t stop, and I’ve met other Christians in the past who have judged my self-harm behaviour, and this makes me doubt my salvation over and over until I then have no peace. Their words haunt me even today. They have absolutely no understanding. We are here to build and encourage, not belittle and judge the weaknesses of others. I struggle every day with thoughts, words, and actions, and all I can say is thank you Jesus for paying for my sin debt.

Sometimes I experience God’s grace and I pick less, but as God is my witness, no one can ever say that I haven’t tried to help myself, even risking death three times with the experimental Ibogaine flood dose without success. I have tried a myriad of self-help therapies over the past ten years, but if God is going to deliver me, He will. Not everyone is healed of his or her ailments in this life, but we can keep praying for deliverance.

I believe that there is great power in crying. It is not weak; it allows the body to remove whatever it needs to do. However, by the time we get to adulthood, we have our personality that we put out to the world, and inside is an onion with hundreds of layers of pain. These layers can be unpeeled with the self-help tool of crying.

Crying is a Natural Stress Reliever

How many times do we turn to food or drugs — compulsive skin picking in my case — to treat our stress or anxiety? Crying is a powerful way to release emotions, and these emotions contain twenty-four percent of the protein albumin, which supports the body to regulate its metabolic systems. Stress is a contributor to hypertension (high blood pressure) therefore regular crying can keep the blood pressure at an even level.

Crying Reveals Strength not Weakness

Society teaches us that crying is weak, but if more of us cried away our emotional discomfort, we would we much calmer and able to shift through the shit that is life — at times. Building pain upon pain without any relief is not healthy. I feel like a nutcase showing emotion in public, but what else can I do. I can’t stop the waterworks, they come naturally. 

Crying Removes Toxins

William Frey, a biochemist, conducted numerous studies on tears and determined that emotional tears contain toxins. A good cry can therefore be extremely detoxifying, and there is no doubt that we feel better after a good cry.

Tears are Antibacterial

Tears are a natural lubricant for our eyes, but they are also anti-bacterial via the lysosome compound, which is potent enough to kill up to ninety-five percent of bacteria that lingers on keyboards and other items.

Crying Brings Relief

Crying brings us relief, as the limbic system, heart, and brain is calm after a crying episode.

Michael Jackson’s Cry

There is a reason why I like Michael Jackson’s Cry. He sings,

“You can change the world. I can’t do it my myself. If we all cry at the same time tonight.”

I think there is great power in this song, Cry. I have had the same thoughts numerous times. Think about the people who find it impossible to cry, the people who are devoid of emotion, the people who take out anger and frustration on others. There is no fear, anger, or frustration during this period of solitude, just a healthy release, even though we may feel that the tears will never end. I promise you that they always do.

I sometimes prefer to cry alone, but it can be helpful to talk to someone too. Vulnerability can lock us away into unhealthy solitude. I think about the way the world is. I think about lost souls. I think about inhuman acts and cruelty toward one another. Do we forget that Satan is the real enemy, not human beings?

If you find it difficult to cry, try watching these real-life documentaries Earthlings or Food Inc showing inhuman acts of cruelty toward animals and humans.

Children in poverty always make me bow down in humility, as I would love to heal their discomfort and unnecessary pain caused because of unnecessary greed by others. It pains me to see the world in this way. Why do corporations need to retain this control of food crops and water, when children and families are dying of starvation and diarrhea? God help us all.


I’m a sensitive individual who finds it difficult at times. Have depression, OCD and anxiety. Have set up numerous websites (most expired now), but currently working on pathtothefather.wordpress.com, beauty-zone.co.uk, and 1-minute-reads.com.
I’m a sensitive individual who finds it difficult at times. Have depression, OCD and anxiety. Have set up numerous websites (most expired now), but currently working on pathtothefather.wordpress.com, beauty-zone.co.uk, and 1-minute-reads.com.

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