Why not ask for love and affection? Do you not think you are deserving my friend?


Why fear appearing needy, when we are all in need of something, as humans on this planet. As humans on this planet, we are in need of love and affection, more so now than ever.


Love the one that you are with; mother, spouse, sibling, brother, cat. It matters not, just love the one that you are with and don’t be afraid to ask for love back because every ounce of you craves it and deserves it.


Love makes the world go round, and it makes yours, too, if you just let it. And what about affection, what happened to that ghost? As human beings we need affection, a hug to release the dopamine and what not so that the brain can feel good, so that you can feel good too.

There is no need to fear, losing something that many make out to be the end of the world. Remember, love is never lost, just recycled in different form.

Therefore, love can always be at the tip of your tongue because love should begin and end the day, so that it can feel complete.

And you can too.


And what about affection? The same. Cuddle to release the dopamine and what not so that you can feel good, and the brain can too.

Why is love and affection sacrificed these days in the business of life? Should it not take center stage?


I just ask because, I wonder, when have you loved last?

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