Let’s Play Ball!

You know the drill. The old year was a disappointment and the new season for change is around the corner.

New Year’s Resolutions! 

They’re back. Now, what do you do? Play ball? Or go with failure’s flow?

Choose at your own risk. ‘You’ are at stake.

What is it you believe in? 

Willpower? That sucker’s been soundly struck-out, never getting beyond the batter’s box time and time again. You know it, I know it for the weakling in ‘me’ that it is.

How about Wishful Thinking? The rookie who didn’t even suit out for the game?

 “It’ll happen by itself,” he says. Fat chance!

Look further back to the reason for listing such painful issues. Wasn’t it a growing dissatisfaction with life in some way? Wanting to make a change, make a difference? Be more than ‘ I’ am now?

Here’s the driving force, the nagging nudge seeking a new beginning. That pushes us to put pen to paper with the goal.

Herein lies the secret.

 Becoming something more starts with raw heartfelt need. That need drives it on every day after.

My urge set a long-neglected writing goal. It got put into place last spring and has flowed ever since. 

So much for planning, no tidy starting dates… 

But on the way to first base, there was so much learning going on, so much fulfillment. That kept me going, eyes on the ball and on first base.

I was at the end of myself before, swinging a bat but not enough to keep me at the batting range, never mind actually playing on a team. 

Then I found Medium and a chance to get some work ‘out there.’ Then learn some more with the team on the way to second base.

Didn’t get past second that inning. Next time up, I had a better showing, then another idea, another genre to try, more skills to practice. The folks here were giving tips and prompt opportunities to put them into action.

So, go ask yourself:

  1. What will this resolution change in my life?
  2. Am I willing to pay the price in time, money or suffering a lack in some other need? Or bear disappointment at times?

3. Can I make it a short-term goal with measurable targets? 

That last one is what the smart guys say works.  😉

We are alive as long as we strive for (… optional) Get out there.

‘Strive’ ain’t passive.

The bases are loaded and you are the one to bring them all in with your home run. That’s the dream to get you moving.

 You might ‘only’ get to first base, but even that will be a sweet addition to last year’s rendition of ‘me’. 

The next inning, the next game and the next season await.

More years in Poland than home in Texas. English teacher while here. Lover of Christ from the 70’s! Visit Rhonda at AdoringHimInNature.
More years in Poland than home in Texas. English teacher while here. Lover of Christ from the 70’s! Visit Rhonda at AdoringHimInNature.

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