Pull down the mask! We are found in an era where it almost feels like we are living two lives. We have our normal life which we live in and we have the social media life! In recent times, I have come to realize that some people tend to focus more on their social media life. They are gradually focusing more on the quality of the pictures they put up on social media than the actual quality of their lives.

Many reasons account for this but these are a few reasons I can put forth to why many people have a more virtual life than a practical life.

Advanced Mobile Technology

Everyone seems to have a smartphone. These smartphones come with applications which aid it to function well. With the Facebook app on your home screen, it makes it easy to check in your friends and loved ones. It even gives you the freedom to post what you like and it is often the best.

Everybody is Doing It 

Some people engage with social media because they think that everybody is doing it. The truth is that Everybody has that one friend who is not on social media. But that’s just it; it can’t compare to the 2000 other fake friends you have on Facebook and the 500 followers of Twitter. This just us more reason to live more in virtual than in our real life.

News Outlet

Some people never get on news websites or watch the news on TV. Social media is their only source of information. Nowadays it’s even. more serious because. thanks to article sharing, they never have to even watch the tv or read the newspaper or from a news website. A scroll down your Facebook news feed will update you on the most important world events.


Social media makes it easy to connect with people who have more clout than you do. Whether they have more Instagram followers, own a business, play in a super sweet band, or hold a public office, social media makes it easier than ever to connect with celebrities of every level. Some people meet their spouses and better half on social media. A good thing though

Sharing Ideas

Social media allows for collaboration like never before. People in different countries can work together on a concept and make it into a reality without ever meeting up! Many campaigns are successful nowadays because we tend to leverage the power of social media.

Keeping In Touch

The hardest thing about moving away is leaving friends behind. The ability to check on your old friends with ease is surely part of the reason why people spent more time at social media websites recently. They tend to catch up on missed time and rebuild the lost affection

Free Marketing

Businesses do not have time to ask why people spent more time at social media websites than their own websites — they are busy setting up Instagram and Twitter accounts. Social media is great for businesses because it connects them directly to customers.


Many people rush to use social media these days because it’s an easy way to become popular. Have you Ever posted something and immediately you got a bunch of likes? These manes you Suddenly feel Internet-popular which is the newest form of celebrity status.

Emotional Investment

The anniversary reminder facebook sends out is a great way to bring alive dead or stale emotions. Engagements, birth announcements, wedding pictures spread great memories and birth forth meaningful emotions. social media gives us an opportunity to even communicate our feelings for one another especially those distance apart.

Feeling Good About Yourself

Many people build self-confidence by posting pictures and videos on social media. Posting an adorable picture of you and your boyfriend and receiving lots of sappy comments makes us feel validated. This is a good way to build self-confidence.

Employment Opportunities

In recent times you can’t ignore the power of social media when it comes to employment opportunities. A lot of people post about job openings on their social media accounts. This has turned job hunting into as simple as just. leaving the right comment. Other opportunities for conferences and Seminars are being advertised on social media. You just need to pay a little closer attention to pick up the right one.

Online Communities

People. like to feel that they are a part of something. Social media creates communities of like-minded people. This makes it easy for people who have the same views and ideologies to bond and come up with reasonable solutions.


There is a lot of comparison on social media nowadays. People literally compete for about everything on social media. Some are healthy while some are not. This is a common trend which is creating a lot of chaos nowadays. I advise we quit wasteful competition and focus on how we can make the internet a more positive environment.

Easy Distraction

It’s now very easy to get distracted by social media. The notifications hit your phone or pc literally every minute causing big distractions. The power to avoid studying or unexciting job assignments is on your phone. You have to choose whether to focus on Spreadsheets or Instagram? Study your Biology book or Facebook? It’s just a choice for you to make.

Online Dating

Social media has made dating one of the easiest practices out there. Social media lets us know when it’s time to be dating or engaged or married by plastering our friends’ happiness in our face. Then it gives us the opportunity to meet other singles. We can look at his profile picture, check her relationship status, get an idea of their personality and ask them out all on one page.

Unlimited Access

All you need to get access to most social media sites is a good internet connection. You do not have to pay to be on social media websites. Unlimited pages are part of why people spent more time at social media sites than other sites. And you can stalk your ex.

New Relationships

Making new relationships now is just a search away. It’s very easy these days. Making new friends doesn’t have to be awkward anymore! Did you Just moved to a new place? Create a Facebook event for your housewarming party and invite all your new Facebook friends. The turn out will be surprising to you.

Personal Outlet

Many people use social media as a means of venting out. Sending out Angry tweets, vague Facebook posts and depressing Instagram captions are all ways of virtual venting. It’s a highly accessible way to release our feelings without consequences. The flip side of this is that it promotes hate speech which is increasing drastically these days. Let’s learn to vent out constructively. It helps us all.

Customer Service

Have you Ever been disappointed with a product or have you tried getting to a customer service agent to no avail, if yes then social media has made life easy for you? All you have to do now is just to go to the social media page of the company and leave a feedback and within hours someone will write back to you. Much easy than before.


Streaming of comedy and movies on social media sites are gradually eliminating our local theatre halls. Everyone now simply follows the accounts of funny people. Share the joy from their jokes and remain relieved. Status updates about embarrassing moments are also a great source of entertainment for many. Social media is now providing endless entertainment for the bored or procrastinating.

Distancing Unwanted Relationships

Have you been wondering what you can do with that friend that bores you? Now we can block them. You can even block that. crazy aunt from chatting. with you or checking your profile but remain Facebook friends. This saves a ton of stress.

Manipulated Reputation

This has made many people live two lives. Through social media, we have the opportunity to create our own online personas. We do not have to share the parts of us we don’t like. We can carefully craft an online presence that portrays us in ways we think are ideal.

Expressing Opinions

Social media allows us to try out different opinions and see which ideas we prefer. You are entitled to your opinion and can change it as many times as possible.

These are solid reasons why people spend hours on social media. The disadvantage of these are there but these few listed reasons above gives us a reason to be part of social media.

I motivate is a place where you find fresh content to inspire you. You guide as you journey on your way to great. Visit Nji at IMotivate.com.
I motivate is a place where you find fresh content to inspire you. You guide as you journey on your way to great. Visit Nji at IMotivate.com.
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