And the Huge Impact it Has on Your Life

Why do you keep all these books on the shelves?” someone asked as I was showing them around our house. We stopped in the den where I have a few full bookshelves. They vary in size, shape, color, and topic, but each one is curated to stay on the walls.

Well, some are for reference. And others are because I love the books and will probably read them again. A few of them, I have read multiple times,” I answered matter-of-factly.

You read some of the books over and over again?” was the response.

Sure, I love reading books over again. There are a ton of benefits to it. And it helps me become a better writer by reading other writers and how they write their books,” I said. At this point, my friend’s mouth was wide open, gaping at the idea I would read books over again.

We moved on from the den to the rest of the house, but I was stuck at my bookshelf. Almost like an out of body experience, because my mind kept churning about why I love to read books over again. And why this seemed so odd to other people.

I realize there are some huge benefits to reading books over again. And they are important for me as a person and as a writer. And in this story, I wanted to share with you why it is worth picking up your favorite book and reading it again.

The Benefits of Reading Books Over Again

There are many benefits to reading a book again. In fact, it helps everyone develop their spirits, bodies, and souls. And as a writer, it gives me even further advantages in our writing when we read and think on the writings of others.

Read Your Favorite Books for Inspiration

First, it is important to read our favorite books multiple times for inspiration. Whether they are fiction or nonfiction, these books are our favorites for a reason. They have unlocked something within us in which we desire to experience.

When you read your favorite books, you are stepping into a realm of possibilities. Your imagination can wander into the ideas where you feel most encouraged, creative, and inspired. This allows you to think outside the box and see the world differently.

For example, I have read the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling four or five times. I love the way Rowling paints pictures in our minds with her words. The stories pull us in and take us into the wizarding world. And I enjoy the way it captures my attention. These stories inspire me to draw others into my writing, fiction or nonfiction.

Another example of how reading a book over and over again is The Art of Work by Jeff Goins. I read this book at least once a year. It is reminder to think about my calling or vocation. Every time I read it, it takes me back to the moments when I see life most clearly. It inspires me to write, because writing was part of my past from an early age.

Read Your Favorite Books for Reference

Second, I have found keeping books for reference very helpful. And tend to read some of them over and over again because they have many detailed points which may not apply to my life until certain times. And when I read it again, something else seems brand new to me.

Each reference book can touch at specific situations in life at different times. They can encourage and teach us when we need it most. And they can build us up when we feel broken down.

A couple of examples of reference books I read over and over again are Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins, which has helped me break through plateau in writing on multiple occasions. And Living Forward by Michael Hyatt. This book continues to change the way I look at the future of my life every year.

Reading Your Favorite Books for Spirit, Body, and Soul

Third, I must admit, is more vague. But I know there are certain books which change my perspective of the world and help shape the way experience myself. These books give me better perspectives on my life: spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

And for this reason, I read them again and again.

These books lift me up and help give me insight into the ways I interact with the world, my family, and my friends. And help provide me with healthy balance in my life.

An example of this one, which may be clear to many, is my NIV Journaling Bible. I will always tell someone how important it is to read their bible. There is something amazing about the amount of truth which flows from it about life.

Another example is a book by C.S. Lewis called Mere Christianity. This is a little book, thick in theology and information. It has been a book I have read several times in my life because I always learn something new based on my current walk with God. And it gives me a lot of insight into my feelings and understandings of the world around me.

There are a wide range of reasons to read our favorite books over and over again. And I know the reasons vary for all of us. However, when it comes to our inspiration, our reference, and our being, we cannot deny ourselves the need to read these books again and again.

I want to encourage you to pick up one of your favorite books again today. Start reading it, and see how it impacts your life all over again. You may be surprised about what you learn or how you feel after jumping back into it today.

Do you read books over and over again? If so, what is a book you have read more than once? Share in the responses below.

J.R. Heimbigner is husband, father, writer, and committed to seeing people live their best lives. He writes about intentional living, productivity, and the journey of writing.
J.R. Heimbigner is husband, father, writer, and committed to seeing people live their best lives. He writes about intentional living, productivity, and the journey of writing.

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