Our lives are a giant puzzle. Each piece on it own makes no sense but when all the pieces are put together, it makes a very beautiful picture. some of the pieces that make up the puzzle are big while others are very small. If you have ever tried to solve a puzzle, you will agree to the fact that no piece is more important than the other. No piece can be ignored because ignoring a single piece will create an incomplete picture. Some pieces on their own are not beautiful while others are so so beautiful.

The experiences we face in our lives are like the pieces of a giant puzzle. some pieces of those experiences are good while others are bitter. The honest truth is that irrespective of what you are doing and who you, the present state of your life is the sum total of all those experiences.

Society has taught us to focus more on our beautiful experience. we are made to understand that only the beautiful experiences matter. I want you to know that if you are believing that, then you are believing a half-truth. There is no such thing as partial truth. There are no two ways when it comes to that. It’s either true or not.

Every single pain, every single disappointment and every single hurt you have faced in life is very very important. If you have always lamented and felt like there is something wrong with your life because you were disappointed continuously, I want you to stop. STOP feeling bad about it.

The pain you feel is an integral part of the puzzle. without the pain and the hurt you feel, you can’t solve the puzzle of your life. Stop focusing on what the pain did to you. You have to stop focusing on who made you feel that pain. Retreat to your closet and see where that pain fit in the puzzle of your life.

Sometimes it takes the pain you feel to know exactly how joy feels. If there is one skill you have to learn, it is the skill of turning you MESS into a MESSAGE. Nothing just happens; there is a reason for everything. Sit down, think clearly and pick out the lesson you had to learn through that experience.

Are you thinking of quitting because everything about life keeps hurting you, I urge you to endure a little bit more. Organic waste from the food we eat has no use for us; yet when thrown to the plants of the field, it serves as manure for them. The thesame thing we humans consider as waste is the source of growth for the plants. Don’t deny to grow! what others throw on you shouldn’t kill you. it ought to make you grow. Grow into a much better person who is committed to making things work.

What is your deepest fear? what freaks you out? what shuts you down? Those are prices pieces of the puzzle of your life. guard them jealously. hold them in high esteem. You didn’t come this far to end here. It would have been better if you quit a long time ago. You didn’t come this far to only stay this far. there is more ahead of you. take the next jump. The same things we fear the most are the same things obscuring us from achieving our next biggest goal.

Change how you think. when next you see an excuse, don’t pick it. Change your filter and the perspective from which you view life. If a filter is dirty or contaminated, the substance being filtered automatically becomes contaminated.

Have you closed up your life and stop putting the pieces together because you were hurt, have you built a wall, close the door of your life and choose to stay in the dark because of the experiences you’ve had? If your answer is yes, then there is a problem with your filter.

Wake up from the place of slumber. Start joining the pieces of the puzzle of your life. Don’t ignore any piece. They all are of great importance. There is none that is worth ignoring. The picture may not be clear to the world yet but don’t stop putting the pieces together. Time will tell of the masterpiece of art you are.

Endure a little bit more! Your voice will go a long way to change the image of the world.

I motivate is a place where you find fresh content to inspire you. You guide as you journey on your way to great. Visit Nji at IMotivate.com.
I motivate is a place where you find fresh content to inspire you. You guide as you journey on your way to great. Visit Nji at IMotivate.com.
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