Wish lists. Christmas is in the air and Santa has to finish fulfilling wish lists quickly. I have no idea what my husband wants and being about a week from Christmas desperate times call for desperate measures. There must be an idea or two tucked in his Amazon account. Surely he has something on his wish list. Feeling like a spy in the movies, I tiptoe to the desk in the dark and carefully open my laptop. The girls aren’t awake yet, so no eyes are prying.

Super geeky secure-wish list

We’re super geeky secure about passwords. I open the LastPass vault to sign into his Amazon account, completely forgetting about our security measures. I click “Log In ” and am starting to feel successful until… Ding. “Sending two-step verification code to phone ending in ****” showed up on my screen”. No problem I’ll try again. Ding. Yep, the same message.


“Rats, I can’t even check his wish list without his knowledge”. “Ain’t no way Santa gonna sneak down the chimney like that,” quips my oldest over my shoulder.

“You’re right, and now I have no idea what to give him!” To make matters worse my phone starts ringing. I glance at the screen and see that my husband is calling. I cringe as I pick up the phone. “Hi Honey”.

“Hey, Babe. I’m getting dinged on my Amazon account. It’s either you or we’re getting hacked”.

There’s no walking this backward, so I confess. “Yes, it was me. I was looking for Christmas ideas”. Darn Google Authenticator. Two-step authentication is usually a good thing, except when Santa is trying to sneak down the chimney with a few surprises. “Good. At least we’re not being hacked,” he says.

Time for breakfast-wish list

I can’t get any wish list ideas from Amazon, so I might as well make breakfast. I place a gluten-free sausage sandwich in front of the girls. “You could ask me. He’s dropped some hints to me,” my oldest says with her bright blue eyes smiling back.

I looked at her expectantly. “Well, are you gonna ask?” My oldest can be a smart aleck at times.

“Do you know what Dad wants?” I asked impatiently. “In fact I do, he says he would like a Maserati and a Rolex”.

“Maybe we can find a Matchbox Maserati. Not a chance a Rolex is on the wish list. Anything within a reasonable price range”?

“He could do with a new belt, but he’s very picky, it has to be a certain thickness, he prefers brown, likes no decoration. It has to be made in America, and have a detachable buckle.”

“Wow, are you sure”?

“Yup. He looked at all of these factors when he was looking at belts the other day”.

“Maybe he should buy his own belt, then,” I replied incredulously.

“That’s what he really wants though,” my daughter said through a mouthful of food, flinging gluten-free biscuit everywhere.

We both laugh. “I guess we’re going belt shopping today”.

What’s on your wish list? Tell us in the comments.

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