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You’re here, either because you are one of our esteemed contributors, or because you would like to be one. In either case, thank you! It is because of writers like you that we exist. Publishous is here to showcase writers like you and help you grow your audience by giving you exposure to other authors’ readers and, in turn, giving other authors exposure to your readers.

You’ve probably got some questions. Great! That means you’re interested. Please check below and see if we can answer your questions quickly in this FAQ post. If not, please use the comment section below to start a dialogue.

What’s the deal here? Why does Publishous exist?

We exist because we love to read as much as we love to write. As writers ourselves, we know that the reason writers write is because they have something to say, and most of the time they want to say it to as many people as possible. We also know that with all the noise and distraction out there, it is hard to grow your readership, and even harder to get noticed by a traditional publishing house.

So, we created a non-traditional publishing house, and called it Publishous. Consider us a crowdsourcing platform for readership.

How do you pronounce the name?

As a hat tip to our favorite Legendary Journals, we created the publication with a unique and ambiguous name.

We sat out to create a place where we could publish delicious content, and came up with the name PubLishous, pronounced “Pub-LISH-ous” (rhymes with delicious) – this was the genesis of our “PL” logo, in case you were wondering. But the more we played around with the pronunciation, the more we heard the cries of so many writers and started pronouncing it “Publish Us”. Then we were talking with one of our contributors (who was offering up some much needed tech support) and she was pronouncing it “Publish House” – and well, that’s what we’re here to be, a publishing house.

Hopefully, soon we will be the talk of the town and the source of many debates on the correct pronunciation of our name, for now, in case you’re still wondering, check out this HuffPost article on the many ways to pronounce Moleskine.

“Crowdsourcing readership” What does that even mean?

That’s right. We’re a crowdsourcing platform for readership. In crowdsourcing, large numbers of individuals get involved at various levels of commitment to help launch a project. At PublishousNow, authors are our projects and we ask our contributors to bring their followers to help launch them.

Think of it this way: Each of our contributors has his/her own group of followers, with varying degrees of loyalty. For example, some of your followers read the things you post on Facebook or Twitter when a friend shares them, but they don’t follow you on either of those platforms. Some of your followers follow you on Facebook but not Twitter, or on Twitter but not on LinkedIn, etc. More loyal followers follow all of your social media profiles and can’t wait to see what you’ll say next. And, your most loyal followers subscribe to your blog so they’re among the first to read each of your works.

Let’s say you’ve got a total following of 2,000 at these various levels of commitment, including an email list of 1,000. You will grow your list by getting these 2,000 people to share your work enough that more people start following you. You may guest post your content with another author to expose yourself to that person’s followers with the hope that some of them will also follow you, and that will grow your list faster.

What if you brought your followers to see your work in a place where scores of other authors are bringing their followers? Then your 2,000 followers join someone else’s 800, who are joining another author’s 5,200 followers, who are joining tens of thousands of followers other authors are bringing?

That’s what we mean by Crowdsourcing Readership.

Who are your authors?

We frequently refer to our authors as “Tomorrow’s best sellers” because we believe that’s what they are. These are the best authors that have yet to hit the mainstream. Some of our authors write fiction, some non-fiction, some write to encourage, some write to inform and all write top-quality pieces.

We ask our authors to allow us exclusivity to the pieces they publish here for 30 days before they publish them on their sites in order to help drive their readers here (see our FAQ on Crowdsourcing above). During that period, we ask the authors to share the work on their social media channels with links back to our site, and to be involved in the comments that are left here.

How do you find your authors? / Can I write for PublishousNow?

We generally find our authors via our publication on Medium.com, because that is a social platform geared toward writers. But, there’s no obligation for an author to be on Medium to write for us. If you’re interested in writing for us, please fill out our application form, and link us to some of your best works. We will read them and let you know how we feel you’ll fit within our publication.

What types of work are you looking for?

We are here to support your need to create, and we don’t want to hinder your creativity with a bunch of rules, so we’ll keep it very simple.

We want to motivate and entertain people. We want fresh content to help people live healthier lives, help writers, improve productivity, increase faith, and entertain people through creative output all while helping you get published. Most articles should be 500–1500 words. Art, poems, and short stories are welcome under the Creative category and may be shorter. Longer is OK, but anything over 2,000 might be run as a series.

We intend for our content to be shared across media platforms and open for anyone to read. We also run a family-friendly office and frequently have youngsters looking over our shoulders. Please keep your written content PG / PG-13 and your images G-rated.

Do you have a style sheet, so I know how to format my work?

Yes. Please find our Style Sheet here. Below is a summary of the key points:

  • Length – 500 – 1,500 words. Longer is OK, and anything over 2,000 may be published as a series. Shorter is discouraged, except with creative works (e.g. poems).
  • SEO / Readability – We use Yoast SEO and suggest you use some sort of SEO software as well – this will help us to streamline our editing. See the style sheet for details.
  • Links / backlinks – Authors’ works will be limited to one backlink to their respective sites per work. External links will be preserved as well as possible/practical.
  • Images – All works should have a high-quality, visually striking Featured Image measuring 700 x 500px (Width x Height). These should be owned or royalty-free. Superimposed text (e.g. memes, quotes, promotions) will not be allowed and images should make no reference to the author’s site. Keep it G-rated.
  • Content – Content should fit within our established categories at the time of submission, and should suitable for open sharing across media platforms (PG / PG-13).

Thank you for reading PublishousNOW! We use ad revenue to support this site and would appreciate it if you would please turn AdBlock off. 

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