Thankful for 25 years of EXTRAORDINARY music

“I don’t want to relax the audience; I want to engage them in the music, get them interested. My music can be very rhythmic, very energetic, and even very ethnic.” — Yanni

Yanni originally known as Yiannis Chryssomallis was born on November 14, 1954, in Greece. He is a well-established composer, pianist, and music producer. Yanni has performed in more than 30 countries on five continents and at least 16 of his albums have topped the Billboard charts.

In 2014 I was fortunate to witness Yanni perform live with his entire orchestra and I was in (happy) tears for the most part of the show. Listening to his music online is amazing but listening to it live takes you to a whole new level of amazement. I still haven’t come across any other artist apart from Yiruma whose music can really make you feel happy, excited, energetic and calm at the same time!

Whenever I’m feeling down or like my life is going nowhere, listening to his music gives me the motivation and strength I need to face the day. There is magic in his music that tells me to “Get my self together…I can do this”. A burst of energy and positivity just when I need it.

His music reflects different cultures and his own experiences that brings about an exotic touch to them. Anyone who has listened to his pieces like Nostalgia, Santorini and Truth of Touch will certainly agree with me when I say there is something special about Yanni’s music that really does stir your soul and melt your heart!

Here are some of my favourite tracks. Yanni’s music really impacts my life and I hope you will find his music inspirational too. Enjoy =)

Prelude and Nostalgia
Within Attraction
Truth of Touch
I’m a writer hoping to inspire at least one person with my writing. Visit Roshane on Medium.
I’m a writer hoping to inspire at least one person with my writing. Visit Roshane on Medium.
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