Love Is powerful than your brain.

What type of person do you want in your life as a partner? One who’ve multiple relationships with others or who are fully devoted to only you.

The condition is, those who’ve multiple relationships are available and easily come into your life. They can fill the space of emptiness.

They’re easy to acquire. But they can turn their mind anytime. In other words, they don’t know what they’re doing.

My first girlfriend already had three breakups, but I accepted her as a permanent person. I thought I could give her the best love possible that she doesn’t have thought of leaving me. I loved her like there is a no tomorrow. Anyway, I tried to sustain a relationship, but I feel exhausted.

No matter how I tried, she never satisfied with me. I failed to keep up with her expectations.

But, no matter how I tried to stop her, she just told me in a normal voice and cold face. “I’m sorry I can’t do this. I’m not getting what I expected.” And within a week, she developed another relationship with someone else.

Later, she broke up with that guy also. Honestly, I didn’t have much problem after my first break up. Because if her love was real or sincere, I still remember her for that.

Other types of people aren’t easily available. They come in your life, but it’s rare. They’re only yours and never left. They always resemble for long term relationships. It takes time, patience, and realization of your commitments. The right person doesn’t come that easily. They expect deep love first, and if you provide that level, they’ll come.

Everyone is different, but very few people are really committed and sincerely yours.

Most people suffer in mediocre relationships. They start with fantasies and romance. They feel highly loved to each other in the first two weeks. They think everything is going perfect. But we all reach the point where every relationship changes the gear.

When the relationship enters into the second level, most people quit. Because it’s the hardest part. They don’t accept each other’s imperfections.

Ultimately, they find one and another. But never get satisfied.

What is your pattern to build and foster romantic or any relationship? Sometimes, we don’t get a partner as we like, and that’s why we remained single for a certain period.

Singleness is hyped in the modern world. If you see someone single and he or she doesn’t want relationships right now, you most likely interpret as “lonely,” “broken up,” “one-sided,” “desperate,” and “cold.” Being single is like inferiority complex among “highly lovable people.”

No matter how you hide it, but you want someone that really cares. After years of loneliness, we make mistakes by being desperate and enter into multiple relationships.

Let’s understand some of the in-depth perspectives about what type of people you should strive for.

Your Jealousy Is Okay.

I personally thought that I don’t have jealousy. But I’ve… 

I’ve been jealous of people who’ve hot girlfriends, who have a long term committed relationship and who’re having a great time together, and I don’t have any. Yes, I’ve, but she isn’t talking to me. So, technically, I’m single!

From my perspective, jealousy is a dirty emotion. I really don’t like being jealous of someone who has a good life than you. And it shows your incapability of not finding and creating a great relationship. It shows your insecurities and desperation to show off your love.

When you see people who have a great life partner and they come easily in their life, they didn’t try that much still they are in a great relationship, you feel jealous. You want that one.

Jealousy is hard to beat, and it’s depends on someone else’s action. If they’re better, you feel worse.

So, don’t take any action on the verge of jealousy. I’ve a difficult time to accept it even if I know the ins and out of emotions. If you’re that level, don’t be panic. It happens. It doesn’t mean you’re bad that you feel jealous.

I feel bad because it’s nonsense to feel that way. But like any emotional attack, you’ve to pass through it without hurting anyone or yourself.

I can totally relate to you if you felt that. Important is you accept your bug and repair it.

Love Is Powerful Than Your Brain.

We, men, think logically. Our rational brain thinks quickly. You can change some surface level perspective with logic, but you can’t see beyond.

Love is powerful than any emotional attack. It’s the King of emotions. When everything seems over, love shines at the end.

When you present every logical reason, and if you’re confident about certain situations, still it won’t happen as you thought. In my life, when I thought she’ll not be returned, but she came. Everyone who left has returned without expectations and beyond logical interpretation.

I’m unable to explain, but honestly, love and relationships are beyond your thought.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

People Can’t Be Replaced That Easily.

It’s okay to feel insecurities. We think, what if she finds another? What if I’ve been ignored, what if I’m alone and she left, what if she doesn’t come. All these thoughts are considerable, and it looks real. You might’ve proof, but still, love, true love is not easily replaced with another human being.

And if you feel like that, it’s okay. Focus on giving only love. Don’t transcend other emotions like rage, jealousy, and hurt. Only give your unconditional love. If you give it more, your chances will be increased.

Yes, you’ve cynical thoughts but, it’s yours, and you’re responsible for your feelings. You’ve to give her love. That’s your only goal in any relationship.

Anything you can do other than love will be forgotten quickly, but love can’t be replaced.

So, if someone leaves you with any excuses, remember, it doesn’t love. You don’t deserve the one who is divided.

Love can’t be replaced. You can love your friends, your family members, and your girlfriend, but in different intensity.

And you need a greater force of love in your relationship. Of course, one emotion alone can’t make or break the relationship, but it determines the health of your relationships.

So, you don’t need someone who is insecure and unclear about the future.

Let’s Stand Up Above Insecurities.

I’ve lonely. But I never settle for less than my standards. The risk of multiple relationships is higher than being single or alone.

It’s okay to be single, who cares? Right? But don’t go for someone who has doubts about her capacity to love you.

The relationship is a two-way process, and both people must involve 100% to foster each other’s lives. If someone whom you love is chasing someone else. Would you think you create a great relationship after years of efforts? No.

I’m not questioning one-sided love. It’s different. I’m talking about chasing.

We want a perfect partner. We chase those whom we like, and they even chase a different person. It’s a long chain. Eventually, we believe that love can easily be replaced with one another, but it’s not. We’re not trying to create love.

Understandably, we all have insecurities in the relationship, and no one is perfect, but it shouldn’t be enter in you. That’s the key of highly effective self.

You deserve the long term, committed, and strong person who falls for only you. That’s the power of love.

Not in a relationship, but each walks of life, focus on long term strategy, for fewer people, for deep personality traits and ultimate level of happiness.

You shouldn’t settle for surface level relationships, which is a time waster.

Most people give you advice to select anyone who comes to you, but it’s terrible. You’re treading your emotions for just sake of loneliness. I don’t see it as.

Never let your insecurities over your standards. It’s up to you whom you love and whom you reject.


Passionate Writer, promoter of ‘Love,’ big believer of Positive Psychology and helping you to reach your full potential of self and relationships.
Passionate Writer, promoter of ‘Love,’ big believer of Positive Psychology and helping you to reach your full potential of self and relationships.
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