Do you want to go deeper in your understanding of God’s Word?

For years my Bible stayed on the shelf.

When hubby did a crossword puzzle I sometimes would look something up for him (before Google). Otherwise, I only heard God’s Word when it was read from the pulpit.

When I decided to FOLLOW Jesus and not just be a fan, I realized things had to change.

I took the Bible down from the shelf and tried to read a passage. I knew that I shouldn’t start in Genesis or I would get bogged down (since that time I have read through my Bible quite a few times). I read a passage. I didn’t understand it. I read it again. Still no clarification. I had chosen The King James version.

I tried a new version called New International Version (new to me). It became clearer but didn’t open my eyes or heart.

A new tactic:

I asked Jesus to reveal the meaning of the passage to me.

What did He want me to learn from reading that particular passage? I wish I could remember what my first passage was. I might have it noted in my journals but they are back home in Canada (we are vacationing in Arizona at the moment).

It worked.

Yes, the passage made sense and I could apply it to my life.

Thus began my journey into Bible reading.

Today I love to read God’s Word. I am the founder of Grow Through God’s Word — A Facebook Group. I lead Bible studies. But the best part lately is experiencing God’s Word through art.

Yes, I draw what I see and hear from Jesus. I have two ways I do that so far.

33 Dots — A challenge to be creative and to listen to God.

Bible Art — Both scripting and painting in God’s Word.

Looking Back

A number of years ago we moved to a small town from a city. We joined a small church where singing old hymns happened quite often. We sang a song called “You Shall Go Out With Joy (Trees of the Field)”.

My Home Church

We clapped during the song and it had a wonderful beat. But I had no idea what it meant. I couldn’t understand the imagery. Why would trees be clapping their hands?

However, as I started to study God’s Word I came across a verse in Isaiah.

“You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands (Isaiah 55:12.NIV).”

“All the trees of the field will clap their hands.” Wow, that’s the same verse we sing about in church.

When I studied this passage and let God speak to me using my SIMPLE Bible Study Method — God opened up His Word. I even heard Him speak.

You can read about my experience in Why Did the Trees of the Field Clap Their Hands?

Bible Art

I went a step further. I decided to paint what I saw so I would remember the verse and what God had spoken to me.

Bible Art by Janis Cox

God’s Word has opened my eyes to see Him, and the world around me. It has opened my heart to see me — not pretty at times either. But I am growing as I study and pray.

Now I can truly say: “Go out in joy and be led forth in peace.”

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