I remember, when I was 15, my parents calling me a criminal right to my face. I was suspended from my school for a week for something I didn’t even do. Everything my parents ever wanted from me was to study better than the rest. They kept telling me I won’t have a life without a degree and here I am, writing things. The suspension was all a misunderstanding but my parents raised their voice. Oh no, they never beat me or hurt me physically but the words that came out of their mouth made me suicidal. I wasn’t free to go outside, play with my friends, or go on a trip with them. My teenage years were mostly spent at my home and I eventually fell into depression.

For me, parents started to be a burden and they forced me to do things that I hated. All I ever wanted was to run away from them and each and every single day of my teenage went by, talking to myself

Things will get better. I just have to wait until I‘m 18 and I’ll escape to a place where no one knows me, to live a life of my own and be who I really am.

All my life, I’ve been a prisoner to my parents, they instructed and I did everything they ever asked me to do. I was convinced through social medias that a degree won’t give me a happy life. Most of the times I wondered

Why do people even need a degree? What’s the point of getting a degree when life is all about happiness, love and peace?!

Of course, money is one factor but that doesn’t mean people all should be running after it, ruining their day and night, only to graduate for a degree. Life is more than that — life is beyond anything anyone has ever known and the only way to find it out is to explore.

Fly high people. Because believe me when I say this very moment you’re reading these words, there are millions and billions of lives all around the hospitals in this entire planet, hoping for a second chance — hoping for a few more time to spend with their loved ones, hoping for a few more time to do what they’ve always wanted to, hoping for a few more time to fix things.

Today I’m alive somewhere on this planet, without a degree, writing stuff, happy as I always wanted to be, living the perfect life and exploring the adventures beyond. Oh no, that doesn’t mean I’m rich. But I have enough to live happily and give some to people who need it, and I sincerely have no intention to be rich.

But talking about my life about 5 or 6 years ago, it was miserable. All the anxiety, depression, mental stress ruined the creativity in me. Thankfully, I’m now a better person because I decided to let things go.
When I turned 18, I gave up on my parents and ran away from them with the hope for a better cause.

Ok, let me ask you something now. What was the most amazing moment in your life, where you felt like you’re on top of the world?
It’d probably be the moment you got your long-awaited first child — the priceless moment in life where a couple thinks for a minute they are the happiest! And yes you are, for a minute, the happiest people in this planet. Every parent I know, every single parent I know that has been happy for their first child took an oath the moment they held their firstborn close. An oath to protect them, love them and pamper them more than any other parent in this world will do.

No, I’m not a parenting expert. In fact, I’m not even a parent. But I know most of the kinds of parents in this world, more than that I know kids who are going through my same sh*t, and I’ve been with mine for 18 long years, which I clearly hated. Not every kid would say this but how do you know your children isn’t saying this about you?
18 years of hell and I escaped. I had to.Ever since then, I’ve been connecting and helping parents, kids and people all over the world…the people I come across when traveling.

Why am I writing this? The reason is that I was raised by over-protective parents and they ruined me, or I must say the real me. All the way through teenage I wanted to shout things out — those emotions, I just wanted to let it all out and spend some time of my own. 
About 3 days ago, I saw a Facebook post and it said

“Over-protective parents raise the best liars”

Whoever wrote that has brains and I’m pretty sure they know what they’re talking about and must’ve been through hell. Because believe me when I say those single line of words are so f*cking, terribly true!
Because I once knew a mom and dad who over-parented and raised their child to be a monstrous liar, me. Every time I caused some trouble, they’d roam around yelling in the most f*cked up way that they’re not hurting me when they don’t realize they were poking holes inside my heart with their mighty, hurting words.

Words are so much powerful than you know. Beating our children might leave scars on them, which fades. But please, understand the words that come out of your mouth either creates a dreadful or a lovely memory— and memories won’t fade away that easy, they remain, stay and haunt. Just like my parents, you might also be not hurting your children but just realize yelling at them and calling them names when you’re angry are the most cruelest thing, not just a parent but anyone in this world can do. These words I’m writing down…I always wanted to shout all these right to my parents’ face, for they made some dreadful memories for me. I’m glad everything’s over and I’m away.

Your child isn’t spoilt; they never are. Yes, your children needs love and care — but that does not mean they should be locked and safe and sound. We all know this world can be cruel at times but as human beings our children, sooner or later have to be on their own. No, don’t tell me you’ve got plans to come back from death and keep on protecting your child.

Let them wander, let them explore, let them learn life on their own. Just stop pulling them back!

If you’re like a robot or none like a human to them, you’re not all helping. Life is a lesson, a destination, a road, a mystery that has to be unraveled oneself.
Parents, your children need you. But remember, giving them reasons to hate you will only push them away. My life when it comes to family, is pretty much a disaster. I know kids more than I know parents. I have every reason to hate mine. To every parent out there, trust me, you don’t want your kids to hate you. Grant them the life they seek, the life they dreambecause that is the most appropriate way to love them!

I’m a 12th-grade graduate, with extreme interests in writing. I love stuffing a bunch of meaningful and valuable words and I know writing is in my veins! It is something that brings fireworks in my heart!
I’m a 12th-grade graduate, with extreme interests in writing. I love stuffing a bunch of meaningful and valuable words and I know writing is in my veins! It is something that brings fireworks in my heart!
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