Life is harmonious

The external pictures of the material world can seem frightening and bleak.

Sickness, violence, political strife, natural disasters and profound poverty to name a few.

Is it possible that these are not our reality?

At the least, they are not our spiritual reality. They are the made up scenes of our erring, man-made thoughts and beliefs.

They are illusions of our material senses.

Every major religion proclaims that our creator is good and loves us, and that a divine wisdom controls the universe and everything in it.

The major religions of the world tell us that we were made in the image and likeness of our divine source and that we are one with it.

This leads us to the premise that the strife of the material world is not reality.

These illusions are, however, quite compelling. They trick us into thinking that there is truth in them.

When you feel tempted to be drawn into a story or situation that tries to convince you that you (or anyone else) are anything less than the image and likeness of your divine source, meet it with opposition.

Cling to the assurance that you are spiritual, not material, and that your spiritual composition is divine perfection.

Don’t allow the fear and the doubt that are the effects of a material picture sway you in your understanding of who we all are at our core.

Our material senses play tricks on us all the time.

Have you ever stood in the center of a long set of train tracks?

To our material eye it looks as if the tracks merge in the distance, but we know in reality they do not.

The next time you see or feel man-made imperfection, remind yourself that this is not a spiritual truth.

When we replace the imperfect images of the material word with our spiritual assurances that life is harmonious at all times and in all places, we see the demonstration of more harmony in our own lives and in the world.

As always, I wish you all the best!


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