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Although attempting to bring about world peace through the internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way. — H. H. The Dalai Lama 

Your work isn’t important; your worldly duties aren’t terribly important. And neither are mine. Being in balance with The Source of creation, that is important and working to find this balance should be our priority as we attempt to bring forth and achieving world peace. 
And the way we do this is by becoming and being the peace we want to have.
But how do we initiate this process?

Let’s talk about peace

I believe it’s safe to say that we all want to live in a peaceful world, but wouldn’t you also agree that one of our ugliest tendencies is that most of us spend a good portion of our waking hours waging a nonstop internal mental skirmish with everyone we encounter? Why is that? Is it because we’re too busy? 

Peace isn’t something that we ultimately receive when we slow down the pace of our lives. Peace is what we’re capable of being and bringing to every encounter and event in the waking moments of our life. — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

So, see there? It’s time we stop blaming our busy-ness for our imbalance. Being peaceful isn’t dependent on what our surrounding looks like. In fact, it seldom has anything to do with what the people around us think, say or do, or how loud or noiselessly they say it. Rather, being peaceful is an inner attitude; one we can all achieve anywhere once we have learned to silence our incessant inner dialogue. 

Make me an instrument of thy peace  — St. Francis

Perhaps you know the famous prayer? St. Francis wasn’t asking God to provide him with peace, he was asking for guidance to be more like peace. The principle not being only about choosing tranquil thoughts but about being those tranquil thoughts.

In his book, Living an Inspired Life, Dr. Dyer makes this suggestion: 

Picture a container deep within yourself out of which all your thoughts flow. Inside this container, at its very center, image a Candle flame. You need to make a commitment that this flame in the center of the container holding all of your thoughts will never ever even flicker although the very worst may go before you. This is your container of peace and only peaceful thoughts can fuel the burning candle. You don’t need to change your thoughts as much as you need to learn to be an energy of peace, lighting the way and attracting serene, harmonious thoughts and beings. In this way, you will become a being of peace.

Obviously, you take this inner resectable with you wherever you go. When people attempt to put some kind of pressure on you, when you feel overwhelmed or when situations arise that previously incited your distress or bellicosity, you can immediately turn to your inner candle flame of peace and see how to keep your light glowing. This is being the peace that you wish for yourself; this is offering a matching vibration to your desire to be a tranquil and amicable being rather than a person suffering from the disease of trying to make life go faster. You’ve already seen the results of that folly and you notice the symptoms of stress in virtually everyone you meet.

Before marrying and relocating to Japan I lived in Chicago for a couple of years. Before then, I lived in Mexico for a while and before that, of course, in my homeland of Belize. In Belize time passed slowly. To spice up our days I and my generation devoured magazines and movies that depicted places where life seemed more baroque. Yep, I mean baroque as in fancy, extravagant, flamboyant, and inflated. We pretended to be ‘them,’ those busy people we read about. Perhaps a story for a later time.

In Mexico, I learned to be busy. Catching taxis and buses and rushing to one school to another, teaching. Walking and living fast. 

In Chicago, I ran, almost nonstop. Worked two jobs and went to school at night. And on some weekends, the bar-hopping at happy hour was a must. I no longer had to pretend I was living the flamboyant, busy life. I lived flamboyantly. I was flamboyant.

Then I came to Japan. And I collapsed. Exhausted. Yes, there was the jet lag to get over with but my exhaustion went beyond that. I became undone only to find a wellspring of new energy that slowly seeped into me. 

Slowly, I started to deflate. 
I heard birds chirping, 
cicadas singing their joyful songs,
people conversing and laughing softly
and life for me turned into a slow waltz.

It is true what they say about peace; peace is something that you become.

Peace radiated from the people’s slow nods and respectful bows. Being in the peaceful presence of people here it was impossible to be stressed out. These people were peace. I felt their energy. I saw them being peaceful in their attitude.

Movies portray these people differently, but as an insider now I want to tell you what I feel about my people and the peace they radiate. Peace doesn’t mean sedated, phlegmatic, or weak. On the contrary, peace is a higher and faster energy that washes over your being so that when you’re in the presence of people being peace, you too become peace. Peace expunges uneasiness and tension and stress. 

Peace causes pheromones of measurable energy to emanate from you. They affect others who become more peaceful without even being aware of the transformation taking place. The secret of this principle for restoring balance to your life is: be the peace and harmony you desire. You cannot get it from anything or anyone else. — Dr. W.W. Dyer

Totally understandable. Everyone cannot come to Japan to experience what I talk about here. And why would anyone need to when diversity is what we need. In fact, remember the line at the introduction? Let me repeat. 

*Being peaceful is an inner attitude; one we can all achieve ANYWHERE once we have learned to silence our incessant inner dialogue.

*Peace is what we’re capable of being and bringing to every encounter and event in the waking moments of our life. — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I was lucky and ready for it when I came to Japan, and to add value today I’ll add small steps to help get you started. Pointers that I think can work in whatever setting you find yourself in.

Slow down
Slow way down, conscientiously. And in your slow-down time consciously invite the divine into your moment.

Bring yourself to a point where you become serene. Pay attention to your breathing to get you there. 

Relax your mind of anxiety and actively seek out your surroundings with your senses. Make it your purpose. Feel the breeze, listen to the rustling of the leaves, think about the big ripe moon up in the sky last week. Stay relaxed and contemplative. Notice the stars, observe the clouds and the rainstorms and nature, become a people watcher and an animal admirer. Feel the energy radiating from these. 

But do not stop there, recycle the energy by extending it to people around you. 

Share your observations with your family, involve them. At home, make time to interact with your children, to listen to their ideas, to read them a story. Take a walk with your most cherished loved one and remind yourself how much you treasure him or her in your life. Tell them so. Hear yourself speaking your truth.

Extend this slowed-down, relaxed perspective outward at work, in your community and even to strangers. You’ll need to decide how, but you might start by noticing and acknowledging people and perhaps, making a deliberate effort to give someone your place in line. 

Become conscious of your efforts to become the peace you desire. Do it anywhere.

While driving, slow your thoughts down and decide to bring your car to a stop at a yellow caution light. Decide that. And when you start again, consciously drive at a relaxed pace rather than in a frenzy.

And later, after you find yourself in a good place, and you find that you are becoming and being peaceful, practice giving peace away. 

Become more conscious of your thoughts. Restore a sense of balance between your desire for tranquility and your desire to meet the requirements of your life; practice becoming and being the vibration that you desire.

Remember, your work isn’t terribly important but your Internal Peace Is. 
And why is OUR internal peace important? Because it is the only way to world peace. 

Selma is a retired Fifty-something enthusiast of positive thinking. She’s a long time resident of Japan. Visit Selma at
Selma is a retired Fifty-something enthusiast of positive thinking. She’s a long time resident of Japan. Visit Selma at

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