We read a lot about success and self-confidence online. Some of it is awesome advice and you can tell the person who wrote the piece knew exactly what they were talking about.

They lived through something, usually an intense difficulty, learned a valuable and shareable lesson and moved ahead in putting their lives back on track with the world.

They kept true to their dreams.

They had fears, powered through them and went on to live their lives more fully.

When you’re a writer, you tend to live through this scenario every time you create something and publish it so the world can see your thoughts.

It is as if, in the same breath, well, in the same paragraph to be more accurate, we show others what our hearts are made of and worry that those same readers will find those hearts lacking in some vital way.

In truth, though, the dreams we are revealing in our published writing is way more important than the fear we feel when clicking the publish button.

Very few people in the world wake up one day, thinking, “Hmm, today I’m going to write something and publish it online.”

The people who do are writers.

Maybe their dream is for others to enjoy the stories they are writing, maybe it’s to gain a modicum of fame, maybe it’s to share life experiences, or even make some money through their creative talent.

All those dreams and more create that soul level itch to write. If you’ve ever had that, you know it’s an itch that demands to be scratched.

And won’t go away until the scratching is completely finished.

I think this is a reasonable explanation of why writers get so upset with writer’s block. They know they have an itch to write smack dab in the middle of their back where they can’t reach it, and its making them crazy.

Fulfilling your writing dreams and relieving that itch is a lot more rewarding than succumbing to your writing fears.

When you have that itch and you’re too afraid to publish:

  • You hem and haw while re-organizing the silverware drawer,
  • You call the local Grammar Nazi hotline to inquire about Oxford commas and are happy when they put you on hold for an hour,
  • You maniacally inspect each of your paperclips to make sure they have the same curvature . . .

then you know you are succumbing to your writing fears.

Not a single one of your fear-coping mechanisms is going to help you.You are still going to have that itch and you’re going to have it until you write and publish.

Take a step in the direction of your dreams today.

Leave those fears behind in the dustbin of yesterday, right where they belong.

Release your resistance and unfurl that writer flag and fly it proudly.

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