Imagine waking up one Sunday morning to head to church. You’ve been away from the church for almost a year now and feel it’s about time you can back.

Without thinking anything of it you throw on some clothes and head out the door. 

You arrive at church thinking you’ll be greeted with warm smiles, joyous hello and a bulletin from an usher who then guides you down the aisle to a seat on the pew next to a nice old lady.

But as you walk through those church doors it’s anything but warm smiles. There are no joyous hellos.

Instead, you’re greeted with long stares of disappointment as you’re guided by the usher to one of the back pews next to a lady who observes you with disdain as if the seat you’re about to sit in should have been given to a much more respectable person.

What you thought was going to be a lovely Sunday morning turned into awkward stares up and down your body. What you thought were appropriate clothes didn’t fall in line with the implicit Sunday’s best dress code.

And because you didn’t comply with the status quo you suddenly feel as if you don’t belong.

Photo by Katie Treadway on Unsplash

For many of us, we’ve either been the person who’s been judged because of what they wore to church or the one who was doing the judging.

However, we as Christians should not judge another based on their outward appearance.

“Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment” — (John 7:24)

Too many times us church-going Christians discourage people from entering the place of worship for fear they will be shunned by what they wear.

I’ve often heard people say, “I don’t have church clothes” or “I don’t like going to church because I don’t feel like people looking at me because of what I have.”

Tell me, what do church clothes look like exactly? Is there a Dummies guide to how to dress for church? Does the church have a dress code posted on their website?



Because there is no such thing as church clothes. There is no Dummies guide for how to dress for church and unless the church values appearance over salvation there is no dress code posted on the homepage of “God in Christ Community of Faith First Baptist Church”.

When someone enters into the house of the Lord what we should be focused on is their heart.

What was their attitude upon entering? Are they here because they feel guilty for being away for so long or are they sincerely looking to accept God as their personal savior?

When we focus on these things we will be able to eliminate fear, bring people to Christ, and thus carry out God’s work.

And to those who have their hearts in the right place I say this; just because your heart is of God do not use it to excuse dressing modestly.

All the time, “God knows my heart”. Yes, this is true but what is also true is that because God knows your heart you have a greater responsibility to live in the way He would be pleased of.

When we know better we have to do better.

At the same time, your salvation is not based on the clothes you wear. How you come to church will not determine whether you will rest in eternity or burn in hell.

What will grant us a ticket into heaven is this;

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.” — (Romans 10:9–10)

Thanks for reading.

Student by day and blogger by night with a focus on Style, Christianity, and Mindset| Founder of style blog
Student by day and blogger by night with a focus on Style, Christianity, and Mindset| Founder of style blog
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